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Debt Stress? No Worries


5 ways debt can affect your health and ways to combat them

Most people today struggle with debt, but do you realize how much debt can affect your health? You’ll be surprised at how debt can affect you physically, mentally and in your everyday life. Below are just a few ways debt may be affecting your health!

  1. Raise Blood Pressure          

Debt can cause you a lot of stress in your everyday life. With creditors constantly calling you, the constant thought of your debt weighing on your mind and having to pay for even more bills that you already can’t afford. That can cause even the most care-free person stress, right? The National Institute of Health found that people who have high levels of debt have a 1.3% higher average blood pressure.

If you are experiencing stress-related high blood pressure here are some easy ways to help reduce your blood pressure:

  • Take a nice run around your area or hit the gym, exercise regularly, this is one of the most effective ways to reduce your blood pressure as it makes your heart stronger and more efficient at pumping blood which in turn lowers the blood pressure in your arteries.
  • Eat out less, processed and prepared food contains high amounts of sodium and high sodium intake is related to high blood pressure.
  • Try to manage your stress using techniques such as meditation and deep breathing.
  1. Debt stress has been related to depression

As time goes on, people usually get angry and frustrated about their debt. This anger and frustration can turn into anxiety about the situation and for those who do not know how to manage their anxiety, depression can unexpectedly creep in. Financial troubles affect the relationships with the people around you and the relationship you have with yourself. Feeling out of control is also a contributing factor to depression.

  1. Muscle tension

Muscle tension and back pain can be caused by debt stress. You may also experience migraines and other headaches.

There are many options to combat muscle tension and back pain without spending thousands for a physiotherapist:

  • Swimming is the best way to get rid of muscle tension and back pain. It is low impact and easy on the spine. The water holds the weight of your body reducing the pressure on your spine, so it is a good way to strengthen the muscles with low tension.
  • Yoga is another good way to help with back pain. You can even look up a YouTube video and do it yourself at home
  1. Bad Digestion

When people are under financial pressure, they do not usually follow regular eating habits and may not be able to afford food that is good for the digestive system. The digestive system is often known as the centre of health and eating badly can be hazardous to the body. Stress can also cause an increase in stomach acid leading to acid reflux or heartburn which can cause stomach ulcers. Stress and bad eating habits cause other digestive tract issues which are bad for your health.

Some good ways to combat bad eating habits and acid reflux are:

  • Stick to a regular healthy diet and avoid fatty and spicy foods
  • Have everything in moderation whether it is alcohol or chocolate, everything is go0od in moderation
  • Learn how to control your stress levels
  1. Ruins relationships

Debt can be the cause of many arguments in your relationships with family, friends and partners. With all the above points mentioned already putting stress onto your relationships, debt is defiantly the main cause of most of your frustration towards your relationships.

There are many ways to help and stop causing problems in your relationship due to stress.

  • Be open and communicate, let your partner or family member know that you are stressed about money, talking about the issue can usually solve the problem and make you feel better about the situation
  • Be compassionate towards your partner or family member because they are most likely experiencing as much stress as you are. Realize that everyone is different and has different ways of dealing with certain situations.

Try to reduce your stress before talking to your partner or family member by exercising or using any of the above-mentioned techniques to reduce stress.

Remember, if your debt is becoming too much to cope with we’re just a click away.


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