26 Jun

Jamsco Continuous Improvement


Jamsco has received significant support from the SA government, Industry leaders, multinationals and local companies in an effort to bridge the challenge of access to the market. With all the support many local entrepreneurs remain challenged by a number of common barriers to allow for expansion.

These include retarded economic growth, latest technology, and transformation, coupled with the difficulty of access to funding and development opportunities, which continues to hamper growth.

“Access to market “has become the relevant phrase and very pertinent to our current status quo as Jamsco Automotive Assemblies.

The challenges in the year 2018 at the time seemed insurmountable which necessitated a rethink of strategy, both financial and logistical. Being part of the automotive sector we use tried and tested methodologies to work towards excellence in the production space. One of the automotive standards is called “Kaizen”, a Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement of working practices, personal efficiency which we applied to our business. We took what we had and looked at how we can do things better. We improved on our long term relationship with a company called  Multitool a Tier 3 supplier who supplied zero PPM (Parts per Million) to an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) both locally and to Argentina.

Entrepreneurs need to apply a fresh approach for overcoming these barriers but also use the knowledge of those who have walked the difficult path before them.

The challenges we face as a budding entrepreneur is that our experience and knowledge base has to be fast-tracked to enable us to compete with the existing market and we feel that one way to accelerate our progress is to align ourselves with companies that are already entrenched in this space. The compliance and stringent quality and safety management systems dictated by industry manufacturer comes at a high cost and is labour intensive.  

We will consistently seek to improve our position and strive to add value to our economy.


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