16 Aug

Gearing Organisation On a Trajectory of Sustainable Business Success


South Africa’s ICT sector as an economic hub has created a multiplicity of new challenges and opportunities for organisation and it has placed pressure on their ability to effectively manage and respond to the transformed fabric of their business. The emergence of new technology has changed the business ecosystem in unexpected ways. In fact, technology has revolutionised businesses and outstripped traditional and orthodox approaches for achieving business effectiveness. The business model as a result of the impact of technology requires companies to adopt strategic initiatives that are underpinned by cultivating a culture of innovation and proactive behavior. President Cyril Ramaphosa’s address at the 4th Industrial Revolution Digital Economy Summit reiterated this reality and highlighted the imminent technological impact of the fourth industrial revolution on the South African business landscape and stated “we have set ourselves the task to pioneer new technologies and take quantum leaps towards the economies of the future, and to drastically improve our production levels”. This therefore means how we do business today and in the future is significantly going to change.

Maredi Technologies works hard to assist companies to respond to these seismic technological shifts. We do this by empowering companies to build and sustain competitive advantage through developing the right competencies and ability to anticipate and manage the degree to which technology can impact their business. This is an area of focus that speaks to our deepened commitment and desire to accelerate the velocity of enterprise development though the use of technology in our country. Maredi Technologies’ priority attention to this enterprise sector which drawing from the key learnings of our telecoms experience and successes is an opportunity to reimagine organisations revitalised and bolstered through the solutions and services we provide.

No one company is the same and technological interventions must be intuitive to legacy issues and cater to the unique and specific needs of each business we service. It is for this reason that we created products and service that are tailor made and based on collaborative creative designs that provide each company with its own unique aptitude and agility to jumpstart or maintain their success trajectory. Our strategy for unlocking and harnessing the full potential of technology is through a direct and interactive approach that allows us to work closely with the organisation to create an innovative, adaptive and value-based solutions that support their unique objectives.

Technology comes with profound, multi-veneered and multi- dimensional changes that are immensely reshaping and transforming the way we live, work, do business, and engage with our customers. Our rigorous bouquet of services, therefore, equips organisations with the uncanny ability to effectively and strategically harness this potential while profiting from these technological advancements to achieve businesses success in the market.

We have a list of tailor-made solutions that cover various technological needs and requirements of any organisation. The first solution within our bouquet stimulates an organisation’s ability to leverage on the shift and rapid changes in technology to achieve business efficiency. The cloud computing and unified communication solutions allows businesses to achieve such efficiencies by enabling greater flexibility as well as the ability to work everywhere and anywhere. We also offer artificial intelligence solutions such as Chatbots. Secondly, an important catalyst for business growth is being able to create an inclusive economy and environment that is underpinned by efforts geared to bridging the digital divide. This is a perspective that guides and spears the framework of our service design and architecture delivery. We, therefore, provide an extended value offering that addresses the needs of under-serviced areas such as those that are located in rural and remote areas of our country. Here we provide e2e ICT services roll-out, licensed and unlicensed LTE, and Wi-fi services targeted at end-user/devices to mitigate poor quality of service (QoS). Our eLTE solution is mainly designed for mining, police, security, petroleum and logistics industries. Inclusivity is what rejuvenates and revitalises our economy and essentially it is what fuels the meaning and effect behind this particular solution offering we are providing.

We are cognisant that the ability to cut and reduce unnecessary business costs is an important proficiency for businesses. Activities such as telephone charges for instance often results in high phone bills that gnaw at our business bottom line and impede on its ability to accelerate growth. Our solution to this problem is our end to end (e2e) Voice Over IP (VOIP) solutions that helps businesses to reduce their phone bill costs by 50%-70%. Our energy solution which speaks to managing the challenge of high energy tariffs and unstable Eskom or municipal electricity cuts is the Office State-of the Art Power backup solution. Lastly within our solutions bouquet, we offer security solutions that comprise of services such as network security, hacking, spyware, firewalls, cypto VPN and web secure solutions. We also provide infrastructure security which includes video surveillance that assist to reduce high vandalism and theft within companies.

Maredi Technologies assists organisations to lower their costs of conducting business and through our tailor-made technical support framework we provide organisations with a technological makeover that will increases the velocity of their business success and allow them to stay ahead of the game.

Maredi Technologies will assist to set your organisation on a trajectory of sustainable business success. Let us help your business reimagine a new prospect for its technological progress. Contact us for a free assessment.


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