04 Oct

3 Supplements That Really Work for Weight Loss

weight loss

The cooler months are always a tempting time to skip the gym in favour of hunkering down on the couch, preferably with a giant mug of hot chocolate

Thing is, summer is just around the corner, the beach is beckoning and chances are you’re wanting to tone up in time to wear shorts. If melting a few extra kilos fast was as simple as popping a few pills, life would involve a lot fewer sit-ups. Alas, the only way to lose weight in a way that’s healthy and sustainable is via a lower kilojoule diet (bye hot choccie!) and regular exercise.

Still, that doesn’t mean supplements can’t be useful. There are several you can take to help you on your weight loss journey and while they’re no substitute for diet and exercise, they can most certainly assist you to slip back into your pool-party clothes. Here are just three that are proven to help you shed.


Chromium picolinate, a mineral found naturally in very low doses in foods like broccoli, beef and bananas. Studies have shown that diabetics taking chromium supplements could lower their blood sugar levels and improve their body’s response to insulin. The way you respond to insulin is key if you’re wanting to lose weight. It’s the hormone that tells your body to use the sugar in your blood for energy. If you become insulin resistant, your body doesn’t listen to the message and ends up storing that sugar as fat.

The Renewal Institute Lipo Powder is a blend of ingredients that includes chromium picolinate. It may assist with suppressing your appetite, boosting your energy levels and burning fat. Not wanting to eat an entire tray of lasagna is good, having the extra energy to get you to that pilates class is better and being able to burn even more kilojoules than you would without it is just the best!


No, we’re not talking about that ice tea brand. Leptin is a hormone that occurs naturally in your body and plays an important role in managing your weight. As it’s primarily produced by your fat cells, the more fat you have the more leptin you produce. It sends a signal to your brain telling you to eat less and increase your energy expenditure. In short, it’s your body’s way of telling your brain that you don’t need that extra bowl of pasta, that you have enough stored fat that you can use for energy instead.

Many people who are overweight suffer from leptin resistance. Despite having higher leptin levels, their brain doesn’t receive the message that they’re full. Scientists still aren’t sure as to why, but the condition is thought to be caused by having so much leptin in your body that your brain eventually becomes immune to the message. So, if you’re struggling to lose weight, you might not need more leptin, but you do need to increase your sensitivity to it. This is where Renewal Institute’s Leptin Formulation comes in. It contains ginseng root that’s associated with increased leptin sensitivity as well as weight loss in general.


Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is a naturally occurring omega-6 fatty acid naturally produced by grazing animals like cows and sheep. It’s been the subject of many studies relating to weight loss that have concluded that subjects taking a CLA supplement lost more weight than those on a placebo. While the amount of weight lost was just under half a kilogram a month, anyone wanting to slim down will know this all adds up if you’re following a sustainable weight loss program as opposed to a crash diet.

Fat loss benefits aside, CLA also helps you increase your lean muscle mass by positively affecting the intracellular pathways in muscle metabolism. Developing more lean muscles is the fast track to decreasing your body fat because muscle tissue burns more kilojoules, even when you’re not working out. Ultimately, the more muscle you develop, the more fat you can burn!


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