20 Nov

Are You Getting Enough Protein?


Should You Eat Before or After Your Workout?

It’s such a simple question – should you eat before or after a workout – but it’s one that can divide everyone from nutritionists to personal trainers.

This is why we turned to science to learn when would be the best time to fuel up and the surprising short answer is that it doesn’t really matter. What’s most important is that you eat enough protein throughout the day, particularly if you do strength training, to help your muscles recover and grow.

Let’s do some math. The recommended daily allowance (RDA) for protein is 0,8 grams for every kilogram of your body weight. Thus, if you weighed 60 kilograms, you’d need 48 grams of protein. This is something you could easily get from a 200g steak. Still, this amount is what you’d need to ensure you don’t get a deficiency. If you were actively training in a gym or participating in any activity to build or tone your muscles, you’d need roughly double this amount. That means you’d have to eat 400g of steak or a whopping 16 eggs. (Yep, you might be surprised to learn that a single large egg contains only 6 to 7 grams of protein.)

Getting enough protein isn’t just a must for those wanting to muscle up. It’s also ideal for anyone wanting to slim down. This is because, if you’re wanting to lose fat, one of the healthiest ways to do it is to build muscle. Even while at rest, your muscles are constantly burning kilojoules to stay alive. Thus, the more muscles you have, the more kilojoules you’ll burn, even when you’re not working up a sweat. In short, it’s the fast track to a raised metabolism!

Timing doesn’t matter

To date, only one study has looked at the effects of consuming protein before or after a workout on muscle growth. A group of men was split into two groups and each where given a shake serving up 25 g of protein. The one group drank the shake before their workouts and the other group only downed it afterwards. All the men completed the same total body workout for a period of ten weeks. Their size and strength of their muscles were compared before and after the study and, as it turned out, one group didn’t fare any better or worse than the other. When you decide to consume your protein is simply a matter of choice.

Say yes to a supplement

Like we said, the time you ingest your protein doesn’t matter, but getting enough is what matters most. If eating two steaks a day or living on more than a dozen eggs doesn’t sound like your idea of a good time, it’s time to consider a protein shake such as Renewal Institute Diet Whey Protein with MCT. It’s a quick and easy way to get more protein in your diet and is available in three delicious flavours – Strawberry, Chocolate and Vanilla. Better yet, it’s enhanced with coconut oil-derived medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) that help keep you feeling full for longer.

The bottom line? Whether you’re wanting to muscle up or get slim, protein is your friend and it doesn’t matter when you take it, only that you get what you need.


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