29 Nov

Magic Needle Mesolift

magic needle

Instantly rejuvenate your skin with a Magic Needle mesolift

Not many people welcome a fine line’s eventual transformation into wrinkle, but at least once you’ve got them, you usually have two options. If it’s a dynamic wrinkle, meaning one that only appears when you make an expression, and exists in the upper of half of your face, you can usually treat it using a muscle-relaxing injectable like botulism toxin. If it’s a static one, one that is always visible, even when your face is at rest, you can reach for a dermal filler.

But what do you do about lines that are too numerous and fine or in areas that are tricky to treat? In the past, there weren’t too many quick and easy solutions, but now, thanks to the Magic Needle mesolift, creating a smoother, plumper look almost anywhere is entirely possible! It’s a great way to tackle things like smoker’s lines, fine lines around your eyes and even crepey-looking skin on your hands and chest.

The magic mix

What makes the Magic Needle mesolift so different to regular injectable treatments is the needle itself, which is actually a flexible, round-tipped cannula. It’s designed in such a way that you only have to pierce the skin once. This dramatically reduces the risk of bruising and makes for a much more comfortable treatment. Once the needle is just below the skin, it can be moved around in a way that allows the injector to disperse a large amount of “magic mix” in a much greater area that you would with a regular needle. Your doctor can then disperse the mix even further by gentle massaging it with their fingers.

So, what’s in the mix? Two things your skin is going to love! The first is a skin-plumping dermal filler that instantly plumps up fine lines from the inside-out and restores volume that lasts for up 18 months! The second is a blend of active ingredients that encourage your skin to produce more of its own collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Together, this all-natural trio is what’s going to give your skin a youthful elasticity that’ll become more apparent over time, peaking at around three months after the treatment. It’s a case of “leave looking amazing and then continue to enjoy your glow up!”

Ready to rejuvenate?

If you’ve started to feel bothered by the appearance of fine lines or feel like your skin isn’t looking as plump and lush as it used to, chances are you’d benefit from a Magic Needle mesolift. It’s a wonderfully non-invasive way to tackle a slightly wrinkled brow or chin, crow’s feet, smoker’s lines, accordion lines (the lines that appear on either side of your mouth) and slightly sunken cheeks.

To find out if you’re a candidate, make an appointment to chat with one of the doctors at Skin Renewal. The treatment itself is so quick and easy it can be performed in less than 20 minutes. Better yet, there’s no down time so you can go straight back into your day and nobody would any the wiser that you’ve just had an instant rejuvenation session.

So, what are you waiting for? Once you’ve experienced the marvelousness of this innovative new mesolift, you’ll most certainly believe in magic.


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