30 Sep

Don’t Like Your Nasolabial Folds? You can Improve Them with Filler


Despite our best efforts, we’re going to get older

This means our once abundant collagen supply will start to dwindle and our skin’s going to lose its “bounce”. As a result, the nasolabial lines that run from the sides of our nose down towards the corner of our mouths will deepen. Then, because a loss of collagen means a loss of volume, the skin above these lines might begin to hang over them. It might be slight, but it’s a look many don’t appreciate as they feel it can make them look “bulldoggy”. Depressing, right? But don’t worry. There are things you can do about it.

In the past, getting rid of this “over hang” might have meant a trip to a plastic surgeon. They’d essentially give you a mid-face lift along with the potential for scarring and lots of risks. These days, however, you can easily improve nasolabial folds without having to go under the knife. Better yet, you could treat them in your lunch break and not have to endure minimal pain, some swelling is possible as well as bruising can occur. How? With very clever placed dermal filler.

But first, let’s talk MD Codes

The MD Codes™ is a finite guide for a series of injection points based on a much deeper understanding of facial anatomy. They were developed by Dr Mauricio de Maio, one of the world’s most famous plastic surgeons, best known as the creator of the “liquid facelift”. His technique involves using strategically placed muscle-relaxing injections and dermal fillers in such a strategic way that it creates a sometimes dramatic lift.

All the highly-skilled doctors at Skin Renewal have been trained using the MD Codes technique. What makes it so brilliantly effective is that it doesn’t just treat the current signs of ageing. It can act preventively too! This is because it takes your entire face into account and considers the fact that how you treat one area affects another.

Crack the code for nasolabial lines

So, let’s get back to nasolabial lines. You’re getting them. You don’t like them. But, happily, our doctors can use the MD Codes technique to help diminish them fast using dermal filler. This is injected into the upper part of your face, in your cheek bone area. Aside from restoring volume loss, it creates a little “hill” that helps to lift up the skin in the lower part of your face. If you think about how placing a pillow on your stomach under a dress will lift the hem, you’ll realise it makes perfect sense. Your doctor can also place a little filler directly into any crease, provided it’s a small one, as well as  in the corners of your mouth if they’ve started to take on a downturned look, something known as “mouth frown”.

The bottom line

If the deepening of your nasolabial lines – or the appearance of folds – have started to get you down, you don’t have to embrace them. Make an appointment to chat with any of the doctors at Skin Renewal. They’ll make a full assessment of your skin’s condition and you might find that just a little bit of dermal filler is all it takes to help you look and feel your best.

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