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Simple Solutions


A Wellness Consultant’s Tips for Health & Happiness

Zintle Nocuze, Wellness Consultant at Wellness Warehouse Clearwater Mall, shares her top tips for maintaining physical and mental wellbeing on the daily.

As a Wellness Consultant, I often get questions about how one is supposed to look after all aspects of wellbeing while keeping up with the demands of daily life, especially during a pandemic. The truth is, staying healthy is – for the most part – quite simple. That’s not to say that it doesn’t have its challenges, but if you focus on just a few key areas, you are set to enjoy a balanced and fulfilling life well lived.

Eat Well

“What you put in is what you get out.”

If you don’t feed your body healthy, nourishing food, you can’t expect it to perform at its best. Our bodies were designed to fight for our health and protect against anything that may cause illness. There is no perfect diet for everyone, but as a general guideline, I try to drink plenty of water, eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, and stay away from refined sugar. I find that this keeps my body satisfied and energetic so that I can live each day to the fullest.

Walk it Off

I absolutely love a good walk – there’s nothing quite like it. The combination of movement and fresh air helps to lower my stress levels and lift my mood, plus it’s great to give my muscles some exercise. I particularly enjoy taking a stroll through nature, especially barefoot. There is something so special about letting your soles and toes sink into the earth – it feels as if my anxiety and tension melt away, allowing me to truly connect with the world and myself.

Make Time for Fun

Never stop doing things that make you happy! Be selfish and make time for things that will pick you up when you are down. There will always be challenges to be overcome and difficult times to endure, but dedicating time to the activities that you enjoy will allow you to ground yourself and find the strength to keep going. Even better if your go-to hobby is productive, constructive and creative – I personally love reading books and taking photographs! It is also very important to set aside time for loved ones. Not only can this help to remind you that you are not alone in dealing with hardship, but it will also help you to feel supported, loved and capable.

Get it Out

Whether you prefer to journal or talk everything out over a glass of red, it’s essential that you make time to become familiar with and work through your emotions. We are feeling creatures, and there will always be a power struggle between our heads and our hearts. We need to take responsibility for our emotions and make sure that we can deal with them appropriately before they start negatively influencing our behaviour. I believe that everyone should have a confidante – a best friend, partner or family member with whom we can completely let go and share whatever may be on our minds. Not only are you likely to feel lighter and more in control after a good vent, but you may also find that this special person can offer salient insight and guidance.

Be Still

It is so important to allow yourself time during the day to take a step back, disconnect from what’s going on around you, and enjoy a moment of quiet. This could mean following a guided meditation, practising a mindfulness session, or taking time for spiritual reflection. The past can be messy, the future is uncertain, and we all need some guidance for the  present – so allow yourself the necessary time to slow down and put your best foot forward.


Help your body to help you. It can be difficult to get the recommended daily dose of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals, especially if you aren’t following a set dietary plan. Plus, as we get older, our bodies tend to produce fewer of the compounds we need to keep in tip-top shape. I therefore recommend supplementing the following to ensure you’re giving yourself everything you need:

Maintain a healthy digestive system and boost your immune response by using probiotics to ensure that your gut microbiome stays balanced.

Keep your stress levels low, protect against muscle cramps, and enjoy better quality sleep with a daily magnesium supplement.

Cover all of your bases and replenish your body’s supply of essential nutrients with a comprehensive multivitamin.

Enjoy a daily dose of collagen to up your protein intake and maintain healthy joints, skin, hair and nails.

The road to wellness looks different for everyone, but with these simple tips, you should be on your way to a beautiful life lived to the fullest!

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