16 Apr

Bigen celebrates 50 years of “doing good while doing business”

50 years

Our beginnings were humble as it started with the establishment of a small engineering consultancy in Polokwane, South Africa, in 1971

During the past 50 years, we have grown and transformed from a traditional engineering consultancy operating from one office in Polokwane, to an engineering firm operating from 8 regional offices in South Africa, to a truly African infrastructure development group of companies with its headquarters based in Mauritius and South Africa and with country offices in Kenya, Ghana, Botswana, Tanzania, Mozambique, Namibia, and Zambia.

During the past 5 decades, the Bigen Group has kept pace with the fast-growing infrastructure development needs of the continent and transformed itself into one of Africa’s leading engineering, advisory and infrastructure development group of companies, working in Africa, for the people of Africa.

In 2010, empowering disadvantaged communities became the mandate of the entire Bigen Group of “engineers with a conscience”, embodied in its purpose of “doing good while doing business”. This encompasses both game-changing infrastructure development – water, electricity, roads, railways, schools, hospitals, housing and more – in disadvantaged communities, and also an inclusive approach maximising the benefits for local labour, contractors, suppliers, women and youth on every project.

Bigen is a partner of choice for African governments seeking bespoke, cost-effective infrastructure development solutions, and has transformed lives and economies in 19 countries. The Group understands that in this era of socio-economic transformation, public and private enterprises need to partner with experienced service providers who can offer synergistic benefits, joint value creation and practical solutions to support the achievement of Africa’s sustainable development goals by 2030.

As Bigen continues to uplift impoverished and socially deprived communities across Africa for yet another 50 years and more, it invites like-minded, ethical industry partners to join its exciting journey of unleashing Africa’s potential through infrastructure development.

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