06 Dec

Growing the Green Business Support Services Directory

green business support

The Green Business Support Service Directory, an initiative that launched last year as a partnership between GreenCape and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom has now listed close to 90 green business support services in the open-source portal.

The interactive directory is a free public resource with information on services, programmes and opportunities available to entrepreneurs and SMMEs in the green economy. The collaboration seeks to support the growth of the green economy by linking innovators and entrepreneurs through this support service directory.

Companies listed in the directory include the following sectors: energy, waste, water and sanitation, agriculture and transportation. Entrepreneurs in the green economy are able to search for the right support service according to various categories. 

The categories listed on the directory include general business support services, research and development, enterprise development programmes, ideation, incubation and accelerating programme, business development training and course, technology demonstration and piloting, funding and investment, crowdfunding platforms, matchmaking services, marketplace platforms, challenge awards, conference and events.

The directory also has a news section where it shares stories relevant to the green economy. Entrepreneurs can visit the page to stay up-to-date on the development and up-and-coming businesses.

Support service that fits into more than one sector and/or service categories are able to list for all of them by completing all the relevant registration forms to feature in more one category.

Green businesses seeking for general support, or service providers intending to submit a record of support services are encouraged to search the various service categories on the directory to register by click here: https://greendirectory.co.za/register/

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