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Cold Rolled and Hot Rolled Flat Steel Sheet 20 September 2018

By: Isilo Steel ABC OF BEE

Metal working process to produce steel sheet, may be cold or hot rolled The difference is how the products are processed at the steel mill. Hot rolled steel is processed at temperatures above the recrystallization temperature; (Around 900DegC). The finished

Isilo Steel Supplier Development Initiatives 30 August 2018

By: Isilo Steel ABC OF BEE

Together, we stand ETG Trading & Enterprise (Pty) Ltd ETG Trading & Enterprise (Pty) Ltd was founded in 2014 by Thokozani Gasa (left in the photo), or Thoks as he is more commonly known. Due to the closure of the

Sport Contributes to Community Identity 27 August 2018

By: Isilo Steel ABC OF BEE

RSC Avelo and Isilo Steel Collaborate with Shumba Football Development (NPC) to Support Local Community Soccer Initiative Sport contributes to community identity – serving as a focal point for community engagement, pride and achievement. The broader benefits of sport go

Our Investment in Our People 22 August 2018

By: Isilo Steel ABC OF BEE

Most employees have some weaknesses in their workplace skills A training program allows you to strengthen those skills that each employee needs to improve. A development program brings all employees at a higher level so they all have similar skills

Socio-Economic Development – Planet Waves 589 21 August 2018

By: Isilo Steel ABC OF BEE

Isilo Steel has partnered with Planet Waves 589 in their Socio-Economic Development program by means of a monthly sponsorship There is no other sport that integrates state of the art technology into a highly competitive environ­ment with ultimate challenges and

The Launch of A New Market Access Platform 21 August 2018

By: Macsteel ABC OF BEE

A Market Access Platform (MAP) that aims to create a win-win relationship between high performing, black-owned suppliers and cross-industry buying organisations Macsteel is partnering in a pilot supplier development programme, Market Access Platform (MAP). It responds to an existing challenge

Galvanising: A Basic Explanation 16 August 2018

By: Isilo Steel ABC OF BEE

The worst enemy of steel, is corrosion Corrosion occurs, when iron reacts with oxygen, to form oxides on the steel surface. These oxides flake off and the process continues until the steel is eventually consumed. The oxidation progresses, from Fe0