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New App For African Farmers Will Help Improve Yields 1 June 2018

By: Imperial Logistics ABC OF BEE

  uLima is a mobile platform that provides farmers across Africa with a toolset, database and access to the latest market information Developed by Imperial Logistics company Resolve, uLima provides these farmers with access to information on crops, seed, soil,

A Take on the NGO Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Scandal 30 March 2018

By: Afrika Tikkun ABC OF BEE

He who gets to speak truth to “power” matters The NGO sexual exploitation and abuse scandal has exposed a culture of impunity, with one organisation after another starting with Oxfam coming under fire for tolerating and enabling exploitation and abuse

Creating a Diversified and Inclusive Supply Chain 6 November 2017

By: South African Breweries ABC OF BEE

  Learn how the SAB development programmes affect supply chain SAB’s supplier development programmes aim to create a diversified and inclusive supply chain by supporting the growth and creation of black-owned suppliers through business development support and funding. To cohesively

Economic Transformation in the Year 2017 6 November 2017

By: Volkswagen South Africa ABC OF BEE

  Volkswagen SA share their views on economic growth in 2017 The daily mantra for South African business is the need for economic growth. It will unearth much desired jobs and present an opportunity for participation of all South Africans

Getting Big Business Support for Small Business Success 6 November 2017

By: Fetola ABC OF BEE

  The important relationship between large companies and small business Are large companies doing enough to build an SMME-friendly ecosystem? Big business is torn between the need to keep the commercial wheels of business turning in the most cost-efficient manner,

The Ins and Outs of Enterprise Development 6 November 2017

By: Fetola ABC OF BEE

  The nitty gritty of Enterprise Development Research shows that the most stable economies in the world, including Switzerland, Finland and Singapore, invest heavily in developing the SME sector in their respective nations. Globally, about 80% of all new businesses

Small Business, Big Supply Chains 6 November 2017

By: Fetola ABC OF BEE

  What hurdles must SMMEs leap over to break into big corporate supply chains? Small business owners may feel ignored by corporate procurement managers but recognising what big business requires fosters realistic planning: 1. Do you have the capacity to

The BEE Scorecard As a Risk-Reduction Tool 6 November 2017

By: Fetola ABC OF BEE

  Catherine Wijnberg, CEO of Fetola explains I was chatting to a colleague the other day about the impact of community unrest on rural businesses, especially in the mining sector. This can take the form of strikes, service delivery riots

Radical – the right way… 26 April 2017

By: New Generation Mindset Leave your thoughts ABC OF BEE

  Twenty one years into democracy and the majority of black people are still economically disempowered. The gap between black ownership and their white counterparts still remain. Only ten percent of the top one hundred companies listed on the Johannesburg