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Private Equity – a Catalyst for Transformation 6 November 2017

By: Novare Equity Partners ABC OF BEE

  Derrick Roper, CEO of Novare Equity Partners talks private equity and transformation Given that empowerment in its broadest sense is about equitably sharing the economic cake, private equity has a pivotal role to play in transforming African economies. Derrick

5 Common Mistakes Businesses Make When Implementing BEE 6 November 2017

By: Nexia ABC OF BEE

  Mr Abisha Katerere, Marketing Manager at Nexia SABT chats about how the smallest differentiation can impact the BEE scorecard Business owners should keep abreast of industry updates and best practice guidance notes with regard to B-BBEE, as even the

Buy a home before bond qualification becomes even harder 3 May 2017

By: Guest Author ABC OF BEE

  The recent political and economic events that have rocked SA have also shaken the confidence of prospective homebuyers, and this is reflected by a decline in the number of home loan applications made over the past few weeks. According

Seupe Primary receives a fully stocked AVBOB Container Library 2 May 2017

By: Guest Author ABC OF BEE

  The AVBOB Foundation has donated its 40th Container Library to a primary school in Kuruman, Northern Cape, on 25 April 2017. The beneficiary, Seupe Primary School, received an impressive container library worth approximately R0.5 million, fully stocked with ±2500

Private Equity a catalyst for growth and transformation 26 April 2017

By: Novare Equity Partners Leave your thoughts ABC OF BEE

  Private equity is playing an increasingly important role in Africa, contributing to infrastructure development, growth and job creation – while also offering South African pension funds an alternative option for diversification when investing workers’ money. Unlike companies listed on

Believing In The Future Of Our Economic Stability 26 April 2017

By: Credit Guarantee Insurance Corporation Leave your thoughts ABC OF BEE

  President Jacob Zuma promised that the structure of the economy will be transformed through industrialisation, broad-based black economic empowerment and through strengthening and expanding the role of the state in the economy. With plans to boost business opportunities in

When it comes to strategy, size doesn’t matter 26 April 2017

By: Guest Author ABC OF BEE

To create a strategic roadmap for your business you don’t need heaps of wonderful resources; you only need to give up your preconceived ideas about strategy and open your mind. Sometimes the thing that holds a small business back the

How to avoid being turned down for a home loan 20 April 2017

By: Guest Author ABC OF BEE

When you apply for a home loan, lenders will look at many factors before deciding whether to approve your application or not – and if you don’t “pass the test” for any one of these they are quite likely to

Payments in Africa: the tipping point 27 March 2017

By: Guest Author ABC OF BEE

In its current format, point of sale (POS) technology stands to exclude the mass market, say FinTech experts from mobile banking innovator, WIZZIT International. “Technology is advancing rapidly and, thus far, payment authorisation innovation has been screamingly successful – think