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Who has Potential? 10 April 2018

By: BIOSS Southern Africa ABC OF BEE

From Potential to Performance A key talent trend that has emerged is a focus on predicting potential in organisations. In fact, we are seeing the obsession with performance being overshadowed by it. The question, however, remains how do we ensure

2018 Oliver Top Empowerment Awards Finalist 9 April 2018

By: LFP Training ABC OF BEE

  LFP Training has been announced as a finalist Against strong competition, LFP Training has been confirmed as a Finalist in the 17th annual Oliver Top Empowerment Awards, in the Categories of Education & Training and Support Services. They will

The Myth of Candidate Recruitment Fees 30 March 2018

By: Swift Holding Group ABC OF BEE

  Recruitment firms should adhere to a code of ethics Entering the job market can be intimidating, with all the opportunities advertised on various online platforms. Then there is the pressure of finding suitable positions, preparing for the interview and

Human Capacity, Sustainability and BEE 6 November 2017

By: Green Matter ABC OF BEE

  Dr Sibusiso Manzini, CEO of Green Matter elaborates on South Africa’s 3 main areas of development Human capacity, innovation and the environment are three areas of development that carry much import for South Africa’s future. The Global Innovation Index

Designing an agile organisation 19 October 2017

By: BIOSS Southern Africa ABC OF BEE

  Part 1 – The changing world of work The workplace has gone through a multitude of changes over the years, including dress codes, job roles solely focused on social media, and ‘job hopping’ trends. A great deal of opinion

Celebrating 15 Years of Success 12 May 2017

By: Guest Author ABC OF BEE

ZANENZA, a BEE Level 1 consultancy, this year is celebrating 15 years of business and successful partnerships across the private and public sectors. Founded in 2002 by Zandile Nzalo, an award winning businesswoman, ZANENZA provides a myriad of services including,

Ditch the Degree 3 May 2017

By: Guest Author ABC OF BEE

Why you need to rethink your hires to stay relevant” at the DirsuptHR Cape Town event. We are pleased to announce that our Head of Marketing & Communications, Natasha Terlecki will present at the DisruptHR Cape Town. “DISRUPT is an

Ergonomics in Industrial Developing Countries (IDCs) 19 April 2017

By: Guest Author ABC OF BEE

The work related to ergonomics and industrially developing countries (IDCs) has mainly revolved around the matching of first world technology to the third world context, where there is a generally lower literacy levels. IDCs generally rely heavily on manual labour

5 Benefits of using mobile learning for businesses in Africa 6 April 2017

By: Guest Author ABC OF BEE

  5 Benefits of using mobile learning for businesses In Africa With the rise of smartphone usage across the African continent, Dennis Lamberti, the Development Director of Media Works, explores why mobile learning is ideal for businesses in Africa –