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When The Robots Come: Keeping BEE Relevant In The Face of Disruption 10 July 2019

By: Sqwidnet ABC OF BEE

The true north of our country is economic prosperity for all who live in it. The spirit of B-BBEE has had the most impact towards us achieving this collective vision. At its core, B-BBEE policy ensures that all those who had been previously excluded are now able to participate in this vision. As a result, a B-BBEE compliant company signifies their buy-in.

What is Virtual Disaster Recovery (VDR) and do you need it? 22 May 2017

By: Commerce Quest South Africa ABC OF BEE

Virtual Disaster Recovery (VDR) sounds like a trending IT phrase that is being thrown around. This can set off some alarms in your head and makes you question your own IT security and susceptibility. Before you jumping into Virtual Disaster