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Superloading A Cylindrical Slag Filtering Device 23 October 2018

By: Rohlig Grindrod Logistics ABC OF BEE

  Even if it’s freight, we are more than alright! When you’ve been in the freight industry for as long as Rohlig-Grindrod, you’re certain to have the odd request from a client. What does Rohlig-Grindrod do? The company explore the

Palletways Is Taking Europe By Storm 11 October 2018

By: Imperial Logistics ABC OF BEE

  Several exciting recent projects in Italy and the Iberian Peninsula show why innovative Imperial Logistics group company Palletways is rated as Europe’s largest and fastest growing express palletised network Palletways has opened its fourth hub in northern Italy. Located

Forestry Logistics Growing With New Partnerships 6 September 2018

By: Rohlig Grindrod Logistics ABC OF BEE

  Investing in partnerships 4 years ago Röhlig-Grindrod entered the forestry vertical with new partners hoping to grow their global trade out of all major South African Ports. At this point, Röhlig-Grindrod along with their partners are now shipping 300

Khaas Carriers Direct Deliveries for SA Breweries 4 September 2018

By: Khaas Logistics ABC OF BEE

Khaas Carriers to deliver from any of SABs production sites About Khaas Logistics International commercial transactions are, by nature, an exceptionally complex science. After the back-and-forth of lengthy negotiation processes, the deals are finally inked and currencies exchange hands. Then

The Rands and Cents of Sustainability 31 August 2018

By: Barloworld Logistics CORPORATE ESSENTIALS

Barloworld Logistics’ supplychainforesight challenges local industry to view environmentalism through a financial lens Green credentials have become a fashionable must-have for organisations in most industries. However, to effect real change, environmental policy needs to be far more than rhetoric, or

A guide to Special Cargo: White Lions visit Prague 13 August 2018

By: Rohlig Grindrod Logistics ABC OF BEE

When you’ve been in the freight industry for this long, you’re bound to have the odd request from a client What do we do? We explore the requirements and accept the challenge, be it big or small. We actually pride

Sustainability Beyond the “Factory Door” 8 August 2018

By: Barloworld Logistics ABC OF BEE

Barloworld Logistics’ enables sustainable business practices through smart supply chains Sustainable business practices are no longer a nice to have, but a vital component of the strategy that drives organisational longevity, market share and bottom-line performance. For the most part,