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How Will Your Marketing Compete this Season? 26 November 2018

By: Ayvel Media ABC OF BEE

Silly season is officially here. On November first, Christmas campaigns exploded everywhere. Mr. Price was amongst the first of the bunch to kickstart the silly season with a Christmas pop-up store in Sandton City, which was clever but what about

Methods to Crack any Creative Block 12 September 2018

By: Ayvel Media ABC OF BEE

Being creative can be exceptionally demanding You’re paid to come up with amazing ideas, campaigns and jingles but the problem is, the first few ideas are usually generic, the second batch is okay and the third isn’t quite there yet.

SAMRO Overseas Scholarships Competition for Composers 2018 17 August 2018

By: JT Communication Solutions ABC OF BEE

Five rising young composers will see their works premiered by some of South Africa’s best musicians This will take place at a concert evening on Saturday, 18 August 2018, at the Linder Auditorium. Ndabuzekwayo Perfect Bombo, Lise Morrison, Conrad Asman,

Entrepreneur Access through Digital Transformation 25 July 2018

By: JT Communication Solutions ABC OF BEE

100 Entrepreneur stories in 100 Days In yet another bold step to create purpose for entrepreneurs and market access, championing the underdog is at the core of a call to action to profile 100 Entrepreneurs in 100 Days. Vanessa Perumal,

Micro vs Macro Influencer 25 July 2018

By: Ayvel Media ABC OF BEE

Everything you need to know about influencer marketing The need for brands to live in the digital landscape is becoming ever crucial, but it’s even more important for brands to know which aspects of digital they can leverage to benefit

Are Award Entries Worth the Business Investment? 4 June 2018

By: Ayvel Media ABC OF BEE

  Brand awareness and award winning ideas can certainly be worth the investment Any good creative director would push their clients to enter award shows, but is it worth the investment? Well, there’s no easy answer. Great creative work can

The Opportunities Within Multimedia Master Classes 11 May 2018

By: JT Communication Solutions ABC OF BEE

  Multimedia Master Classes – An Opportunity To Close The Gap & Fast Track Digital Knowledge Transfer For Business And SETA Trainings With the advent of technology strongly making a mark on how multimedia aptitude is becoming a necessary tool

Unlocking the Power of PR as a Key Driver to Connecting To Your Market 7 May 2018

By: JT Communication Solutions ABC OF BEE

  Aligning your brand and offering with a savvy marketing and public relations plan is essential With the South African business environment being uncertain, political changes, credit rating downgrades and higher inflation costs, diminishing job opportunities seem to be the