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50+ B2B Referrals, Catalyst to New Business Growth 4 June 2021

By: Trans4mation Consulting ABC OF BEE

Longevity has opened a new opportunity for older, skilled, and experienced people to engage with small business to offer their services as business developers. This demand economy type service is beneficial to both parties With today’s competitive times bringing in

A Celebration of Africa’s Renaissance 25 May 2021

By: Bigen ABC OF BEE

The Africa of Kwame Nkrumah The African continent is unique in many respects, be it the diversity in people and languages of the 55 countries that make her up, a history of colonisation largely by the British, Portuguese, French, Spanish,

Do We Truly Know what it Means to be Free 30 April 2021

By: Bigen ABC OF BEE

Food for thought on Freedom Day The livelihoods and social fabrics of communities living in villages, growth points, districts, towns and cities dotted across Africa   have been significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The economic impact caused by lock downs,

A Prominent Verification Agency for the Mining Sector! 20 April 2021

By: Honeycomb BEE Ratings ABC OF BEE

We Power Business to Empower People As leaders in the B-BBEE field, we are one of the few Verification Agencies accredited under all of the sector codes; one of the key sectors we pride ourselves on as experts on is

Important B-BEE Affidavit Criteria 26 March 2021

By: Honeycomb BEE Ratings ABC OF BEE

­ How important is the accuracy of your EME supplier on record? It has become more important than ever to ensure the accuracy of EME recordings under the Procurement element. This is due to various reasons which QSE and Generic

Top Tips to Consider when Planning Your next Virtual Event 1 March 2021

By: Ayvel Media ABC OF BEE

In the world of Virtual Events, one ‘size’ does NOT fit all Ever finished an online meeting and felt completely drained? Of course you have. That’s the last feeling your guests should have after attending your virtual event. Here’s our

SANAS R47-03 and its Impact on Measured Entities 26 February 2021

By: Honeycomb BEE Ratings ABC OF BEE

On the 7th of October 2020, the SANAS R47-03 came into effect, and it will, without a doubt, have an impact on the Measured Entities’ B-BBEE Verification process. The R47-03, which replaces the R47-02 document, clarifies the roles of the