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B-BBEE: Understanding The Scorecard Elements 11 July 2019


The amended Financial Sector Code (FSC) was promulgated on 1 December 2017 to meet the objectives of the Broad-Based Economic Empowerment Act 53 of 2003. AVBOB Mutual Assurance Society will be measured on the amended FSC for its 2018 financial year. In terms of responsible corporate citizenship, the society strives to lead by example, which is why B-BBEE is taken seriously and has been given the necessary attention.

Contract Lifespans: Creating Sustainable Value Chains 11 July 2019

By: Zevoli Consulting ABC OF BEE

Eager to win their first or next big supply opportunity, SMMEs often fail to notice the fixed-term nature of their contract with a buying organisation. They also might not be aware of how critically important it is to take time to understand their buyer’s requirements and makeup.

Unpacking The Importance of BEE Procurement 11 July 2019

By: Enviroserv ABC OF BEE

Essentially, supply chain management is people management. Your suppliers are an extension of your brand, and by ensuring good relationships with them, you can improve your business’s bottom line.

The Time To Lead Is Now 11 July 2019

By: McDonalds ABC OF BEE

Our economy and business environment remains arduous and gruelling. However, our current status is the new norm. We need to prepare our business and people to become match-fit for a completely different game, one that’s constantly changing and requires new, digital skills. No longer is it one message to a million people, but rather a million customised messages. If you want to be a successful contemporary brand, you cannot stand still, and I predict it will remain tough for the next few years, especially for those who cannot change, invest or commit to a long-term vision and purpose.

When The Robots Come: Keeping BEE Relevant In The Face of Disruption 10 July 2019

By: Sqwidnet ABC OF BEE

The true north of our country is economic prosperity for all who live in it. The spirit of B-BBEE has had the most impact towards us achieving this collective vision. At its core, B-BBEE policy ensures that all those who had been previously excluded are now able to participate in this vision. As a result, a B-BBEE compliant company signifies their buy-in.

SDC Welcomes Over 400 YOUTH! 1 July 2019

By: The Skills Development Corporation ABC OF BEE

Recently the SDC family got a little bigger when over 400 bright young girls & boys where walked through the SDC doors and placed on a life changing learnership.