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Analytical location intelligence 19 February 2016

Addresses are the fundamental building block to many activities in the physical world. Addresses unlock industries and without accurate, geo-mapped addresses in your core systems, the benefits they could bring you and your customer base will be lost. Relevance of

Agile – NO silver bullet 19 February 2016

Agile software development – the practice of releasing and building software in short focussed timeboxes – has only recently become mainstream in South Africa. Most organisations turn to Agile in the pursuit of higher throughput, shorter turnaround time, higher productivity

Every business is data-driven 19 February 2016

By: Gary Allemann - Managing Director, Master Data Management 2 Comments CORPORATE ESSENTIALS

The term “data-driven” has emerged to describe a decision making process that is compelled by evidence (data) rather than by intuition. It has received particular attention in marketing where, historically, marketers could not quantify the return on their marketing spend.

What is Bulk SMS? 19 February 2016

Bulk SMS, also known as text message marketing, SMS marketing, bulk text, SMS software, business SMS or SMS alerts is a highly cost effective way of reaching a large number of recipients at the same time. Bulk SMS is purchased

Financial fitness starts in childhood 19 February 2016

By: Guest Author 1 Comment CORPORATE ESSENTIALS

The earlier we learn disciplined financial behaviours, the greater our ability to exercise these muscles in adulthood. The old adage tells us that children do what we do, not what we say. This is never more appropriate than in the