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Litchi Living Renovation – Before and After 5 July 2018

By: Nuclei Lifestyle Design FINE LIVING

The renovation of an old Menlo Park house in Pretoria, into a modern-day health hospitality facility “People think that the most appropriate building is a rectangle, because that’s typically the best way of using space. But is that to say

A Gallery of Mirrors Presented by Griffiths & Griffiths 19 June 2018

By: Griffiths and Griffiths FINE LIVING

  Griffiths & Griffiths present their solid mahogany mirrors The Griffiths & Griffiths range of solid mahogany mirrors takes the age-old looking glass to a completely different level. We offer many different shapes, sizes, styles and paint finishes, which enables

7 Colours That Enhance Neutral Kitchen Cabinets 19 June 2018

By: Salvocorp FINE LIVING

  Cream cabinets give a kitchen a warm and inviting feel, and the shade is soft enough to complement many colours, from ravishing red to bold blue. Just take a look at these combinations. – Adapted from 7 Colours That

NRF (National Research Foundation) Interior Upgrade 6 June 2018

By: Nuclei Lifestyle Design FINE LIVING

  The new look brings life to the office The successful upgrade of the Research Library at the NRF Head Office in Pretoria led to Nuclei Lifestyle Design being awarded the tender on the interior upgrade of the NRF Head

First Impressions are Lasting Impressions 25 May 2018

By: Griffiths and Griffiths FINE LIVING

  Griffiths & Griffiths furniture leave lasting impressions Griffiths & Griffiths are the premier supplier of solid mahogany English Replica furniture in South Africa. The deluxe imported range is sourced from the Norman Adams Collection of 18th century antiques, and

Art and Interiors Live Together 25 May 2018

By: mullerie R bespoke interiors FINE LIVING

  Interior designer Mullerie Rabe-Taljaard and gallerist Michael Obert join forces Conceptual and interior designer Mullerie Rabe-Taljaard has added another level of expertise to her client offering thanks to a partnership with renowned gallerist Michael Obert. With a brand new

Injecting Colour into Workspaces 14 May 2018

By: Jade and Ginja Interior Design FINE LIVING

  Colour Studio – Yvonne Kramer, Director of Jade & Ginja Interior Design & Décor explains the importance of introducing colour to your workspaces Progressive professional interior design can enhance productivity, motivate staff and positively impact the bottom line,

The Kitchen Trends of Your Dreams + New Colours 10 May 2018

By: Caesarstone FINE LIVING

Caesarstone has just released four brilliant new colours as well as an exclusive Kitchen Trends coffee table book for 2018 For 30 years, Caesarstone has been inspiring the world’s best kitchen designs. This year, we welcome four vivacious exclusive new