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Choose natural fabrics over synthetic fabrics 31 January 2018

By: Deckworx FINE LIVING

  Why you should consider natural fabrics Whether you’re building, renovating or just like to keep up with the latest interior design trends, one of the most popular and consistent movements over the last 5+ years has been to choose

Office Parks in Estates an Answer to Health Problems 30 January 2018

By: Nooitgedacht Village FINE LIVING

  Get better health when you have a office with a view Your office could be a monster. This might come as a surprise, but the modern office environment, for all its fibre internet and air-conditioning, has proven treacherous in

Three items to have on your desk 30 January 2018

By: Heid Interior Design FINE LIVING

  Design for your office desk It is no secret that office design has shifted from the cubicle, cellular office concept to the “new” open plan offices. The trend is more focussed on the need for collaboration areas outside the

How to Make Your Spaces Beautiful 22 January 2018

By: Summer Increation FINE LIVING

  Know the rules… and know when to break them. Candice Olson one of my favourite international interior designers quotes this in her popular TV series and it perfectly describes how you should make your spaces beautiful. What she means

Five Construction trends 2018 15 January 2018


  Trends to watch for in 2018 After tough times Construction is looking forward to new-found, well-managed and more-sustained prospects: Growth Turnaround Showing hopeful signs for acceleration in 2018, the South African Economy recently grew by a healthier 2%. Depending

How to spot a fake offer to purchase 28 November 2017

By: Denoon Sampson FINE LIVING

  How to avoid a bogus offer to purchase, your property A recent expose on television again highlighted fraudulent scams to trick owners into selling their properties without payment. This article deals with techniques to avoid being conned into parting

Why Hire an Interior Designer 24 October 2017

By: Jossi Design FINE LIVING

  An interior designer might be the best choice for you For many people the idea of hiring an interior designer is quite intimidating. There are many concerns that come with renovating and decorating your home, but Jossi Designs sheds

Contemporary ways to dress your walls to the floors 23 October 2017

By: Redesign Interiors FINE LIVING

  Choose the best suited walls and floors that suits your living space In many ways, the walls and floors of a building are almost like skin tones, they tell a story about our health. A good complexion with rosy

Why experiential retail design is the answer 29 September 2017

By: Blackline Interiors FINE LIVING

  The future of shopping looks a lot more aesthetic What is experiential retail? Developers, property owners and retailers work on existing strategies to create experiences that attract consumers to a website, a mall or a shopping district, and keep them coming

Jossi Design Celebrates 11 years in the industry 23 August 2017

By: Jossi Design FINE LIVING

  The team celebrated over a decade of beautiful design On 6th July 2017, Jossi Design celebrated 11 years of creating beautiful, stylish interiors for our valued clients. We could not be more proud of our achievements and the value