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Get Your Home Festive Season Ready 14 December 2018

By: PropertyFox FINE LIVING

The festive season is here But, before the family and all their pets arrive at your humble abode, it’s a good idea to start preparing for the madness. Getting your home for guests during the holidays can be quite daunting.

Cape Property Market Update 19 November 2018

By: Cape Waterfront Estates FINE LIVING

The Cape Town Property market experienced a 6-month slowdown at the start of the year in the midst of political uncertainty pre-Zuma’s departure, coupled with economic uncertainty, fraud, corruption and the worst drought in 100 years This resulted in a

Bring the Garden Inside Your Home 12 November 2018

By: PropertyFox FINE LIVING

So, you happen to find yourself living in the city The views are grand, the access to the CBD is great, but you want to bring some life to your world. Not easy when you are limited to a small

Moving With Your Pets 6 November 2018

By: PropertyFox FINE LIVING

  Moving can be a stressful process for people. It can make your furry and feathery friends even more anxious. Pets get stressed out when they are in unfamiliar environments, and even more so when there is commotion that comes

How To Go About a Home Loan If You’re Self-Employed 5 November 2018

By: Leapfrog Property Group FINE LIVING

  Property is a big investment. In fact, it’s one of the most significant that many people will undertake in their lifetime. Applying for a home loan is almost always a stressful experience – not the actual process, but rather

Property Productivity: How To Create The Ultimate Home Office 1 November 2018

By: Leapfrog Property Group FINE LIVING

  Increasingly companies are implementing systems that allow employees to work from home, at least some of the time. With major traffic congestion in nearly all the major metropoles around the country, it’s become almost essential for employers to be

In Property, We Trust 22 October 2018

By: Leapfrog Property Group FINE LIVING

  Financially speaking, the notion of a trust tends to have connotations to wealth and independence (trust fund children?!) but when it comes to property and trusts, it is useful to know your trust benefits from your tax law in

Spring has Sprung 6 September 2018

By: PropertyFox FINE LIVING

Spring is here and the new season brings with it fresh ideas and colours It’s one of the most picturesque seasons on the calendar, so your home should be, too. Spring brings with it rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection and regrowth.

Renovating Your Rental 5 September 2018

By: Leapfrog Property Group FINE LIVING

Anybody who has ever lived in a rental property will know that almost all rental agreements stipulate that any amendments to the structure of the property are strictly prohibited Many tenants find this frustrating because even if you don’t own