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Your Chance to Shape the World 13 April 2022

By: Wellness Warehouse GREEN ECONOMY

With the world ‘opening up’ again, there has been a mass movement of people heading back to physical spaces that allow for both human connection and freedom of movement Millions of people are making an effort to get out of

What if Plastic Didn’t Exist? 12 April 2022


So, what would the world be like if plastic just disappeared? Your activewear, underwear and makeup would be gone. Cars, buses, planes, trains, cell phones, laptops, play stations, credit cards, and cash would be gone. Waterpipes would disappear. Electricity lines

Call for Entries: 2022 GreenPitch Challenge 23 March 2022


GreenCape, in partnership with the City of Cape Town’s Invest Cape Town and The Business Hub, invite innovators and entrepreneurs with economically viable green economy innovation business ideas to enter the 2022 GreenPitch Challenge. Entries are open from Monday 14

Looking at the Growing Organic Waste Market 23 March 2022


As a central role player in the organic waste sector, we are seeing a massive shift in how businesses and many commercial sectors are managing their organic waste stream This is driven by diversion of waste from landfill and the

A Lasting Legacy Starts With You(th) 23 March 2022


In the context of climate change, what is the collective legacy that we will leave behind for the next generation, our youth? Climate change is moving faster than we are, according to the United Nations. The world will most likely

Think before you throw this Global Recycling Day 18 March 2022

By: Fibre Circle GREEN ECONOMY

GLOBAL RECYCLING DAY – FRIDAY 18 MARCH 2022 Around 1.1 million tonnes of paper and paper packaging are recovered for recycling in South Africa every year. This accounts for just under 70% of paper products available for recovery in the