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Self Esteem 1 December 2016

In a world where images are everywhere, is it any wonder that image has become everything? Megan Hosking, psychiatric intake clinician at Akeso Specialised Psychiatric Clinics, discusses the dangers of low self-esteem, and explains how psychotherapy can help those caught

Demystifying Hypnotherapy 1 December 2016

Demystifying hypnotherapy and hypnosis and looking at the benefits of hypnotherapy in the field of modern psychotherapy. Hypnosis has been seen as a debated practice, sometimes linked to negative connotations of mind control and associations with stage theatrics. But the reality

Colour Your Blues Away 1 December 2016

By: Guest Author 1 Comment HEALTH AND WELLNESS

Wherever we find ourselves, there is colour. It is everywhere we look – and everywhere we’re not looking, too. Part and parcel of our lives, it not only colours our own little world; colour, colouring and colour/art therapy are increasingly

What is Addiction? 17 November 2016

By: Guest Author 2 Comments HEALTH AND WELLNESS

Addiction is a term that has found its way into casual conversation throughout our world. “I’m addicted to this new show” or “You should try this new product, I’m addicted to it.” But what is addiction and how does it work?

Outward Bound 4 November 2016

Outward Bound always offers a physical illustration of how we approach life. Once these approaches have been highlighted by the Outward Bound staff and peers, it allows us to broach things in a new and different way. Getting to the