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Building a Lasting Relationship 2 November 2016

While people generally strive towards building a lasting relationship (and maintaining it) with the person of their dreams, all too often the relationship turns sour, for various reasons, and resentment, despondency, even depression may set in, negatively impacting on a

The Change Cycle 26 October 2016

It is often through experience that we learn that we can go through the eye of the storm/the tough stuff. We can change and arrive on the other side okay. Additionally, allowing the change and going through the process, ‘we

Connection: What is it? 25 September 2016

How? Don’t know. Why? Cos it works. When? ONLY when with … It seems like an art, and similarly it does not translate easily into words. In psychoanalytic terms it could be called transference – but it isn’t. In counselling

Understanding OCD better. 21 September 2016

  OCD has become part of the modern lexicon, an acronym used widely and blithely to describe people whose habits are more structured than our own. Your best friend likes to keep a tidy house; she’s OCD. Your nephew doesn’t

One Year Sober! 12 September 2016

By: Guest Author 3 Comments HEALTH AND WELLNESS

A patient opens up about the journey to the One Year Sober mark… On Monday I celebrated my one year anniversary. And I really didn’t do anything to celebrate my one year sober, part of me feels like I am just