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Could GABA help you focus and relax? 19 June 2019

By: Renewal Institute HEALTH AND WELLNESS

Modern life is busy and tough. Most people are overcommitted, over tired and some are just plain over it, having been burned out by the struggle of juggling a million things by day only to spend the night tossing and turning because their brain just can’t switch off when it’s supposed to.

What Is Normal Sleep? 24 January 2019

By: The Morningside Sleep Centre HEALTH AND WELLNESS

The first question is how long should one be sleeping. This depends on one’s age, and there are also large individual variations. An infant may sleep as much as 20 hours per day. A preteen needs between 8 ½ and 9 ½ hours generally, as does a teenager. However, a teenager will have what is known as a “sleep phase shift”. What this means is that they will tend to only be able to go to sleep much later than usual, and will have a lot of difficulties getting up in the morning.

Is a Lack of Sleep Wreaking Havoc on Your Health? 3 September 2018

By: Renewal Institute HEALTH AND WELLNESS

That old saying about sleep being medicine? It’s true… Getting an adequate amount of good quality slumber is beneficial to all your body’s organs and systems – from your brain to your heart. Unfortunately, not all of us get as

Is Your Insomnia Caused by Anemia? 3 September 2018

By: Renewal Institute HEALTH AND WELLNESS

If you’re suffering from insomnia you’ll know it goes hand in hand with fatigue Wanting to fall asleep at your desk because you got almost no quality sleep the night before is expected. What if both your insomnia and the