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Women: How to take Control of your Financial Destiny 6 August 2018

By: Just Retirement Life HR ESSENTIALS

Financial vulnerability is one of the greatest challenges women face today Women experience various types of gender bias throughout their working life. This results in them saving less for retirement than their male counterparts. And not only are women saving

Repo rate cut by 25 basis points 3 August 2017


Old Mutual Multi-Managers comment on the recent growth and inflation forecasts Chief Investment Strategist Dave Mohr and Investment Strategist Izak Odendaal (Old Mutual Multi-Managers) comment on the recent surprise by the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC), which is part of the

Junk status brings new challenges for SA businesses 24 April 2017

By: UCT Graduate School of Business HR ESSENTIALS

Business owners, senior managers and company executives need to prepare themselves for a bumpy second quarter in 2017, with the only certainty being that nobody really knows how much the downgrades by rating agencies and the weaker rand will impact

How to hold on to top talent 22 November 2016

Skills shortage is becoming a real issue in South Africa. Businesses are competing fiercely for the best available talent. This often results in top talent being enticed and poached by competitors who are offering higher salaries or better opportunities. What

Warehousing paper documents 26 October 2016

Drawing up physical paper records of business transactions, agreements, legal proceedings, medical records, contracts and so on is still very much a basic legal requirement in today’s modern world where just about everything is done digitally. There’s no problem in

Protecting personal information is a priority 25 October 2016

By: Guest Author 1 Comment HR ESSENTIALS

In this thriving Information Age companies have a greater responsibility of protecting personal information that passes through its records. Technological advances have made it easier for criminals to access confidential information and organisations will be expected to comply with certain regulations