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Amazing Business Intelligence Amusement Parks 18 June 2019

By: Alicornio Africa HR ESSENTIALS

When last did you visit an Amusement Park and experience the thrill of a roller coaster ride? Very often we land on a merry-go-round situated in the BI Amusement Park. This is not a cool, calm, chilled-out play ground where we have zen-like experiences, on the contrary BI minds are usually exceptionally busy and distracted.

Rumble in the BI Jungle 25 March 2019

By: Alicornio Africa HR ESSENTIALS

From the previous article Bungle in the Jungle (Part 1): Well executed Business Intelligent programs calls for agility in the BI jungle. Unwieldy swinging in the BI-jungle leads to a serious Rumble in the BI jungle.

BI is for the Birds 24 January 2019

By: Alicornio Africa HR ESSENTIALS

Who is still interested in doing Business Intelligence – only the birds? Can’t we just simply pour all our business data into one server and let business users loose to explore? We have tried this approach in the past. Perhaps we can try again. Although be aware of Bird Imbecile systems!

Business Intelligence Gatekeepers 26 September 2018

By: Alicornio Africa HR ESSENTIALS

Aim to improve business processes and unlock new opportunities Gatekeeper (noun): an attendant employed to control who goes through a gate BI Gatekeeper: Individual deciding what information to include and make available. The creation of a central base of information