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Education that Works for Our Youth 28 June 2019

By: Regent Business School HR ESSENTIALS

President Ramaphosa’s merger of the Department of Science & Technology with the Department of Higher Education and Training is perhaps propitious, especially given that the new educational imperatives of the Digital Era. The unification would assist in connecting science to the overall developmental challenges of the country through innovative policies and strategies. This reasoning has merit in that education has to be a catalyst to address the multi-faceted problems confronting the nation.

Grappling with Digital Transformation? You’re not Alone 28 March 2019

By: Red and Yellow Creative School of Business HR ESSENTIALS

“Digital Transformation” is a daunting and often poorly-understood challenge for more established organisations. Many companies have, over the years, built up an intricate legacy of infrastructures based on now-antiquated (or sometimes very limited) technology.

Red & Yellow Enters its 25th Birthday Year 11 January 2019

By: Red and Yellow Creative School of Business HR ESSENTIALS

1994 was a landmark year for South Africa, with the abolishment of Apartheid finally introducing a new era of hope for South Africa And as transformational, albeit on a much smaller scale, a few ad industry legends decided to address