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Is middle management on the extinct list? 30 March 2017

  Middle management is the entry leadership level in an organisation and is attained because of delivering exceptional performance all the time. Leaders recognise potential in middle managers and advance them based on technical skill-competency. However, what happens after the

Happiness at work. Does it matter? 22 March 2017

  The main goal for many companies is to be profitable and sustainable, and at a push to promote well-being and employee performance. Old business models that exclude employee well-being and happiness are fast becoming outdated and unattractive for stakeholders.

Is there a dark side to happiness? Part 1 9 March 2017

  As humans, we are instinctively drawn to the positive. We tend to move towards positive situations, people and life-giving energy. This is referred to as the heliotropic effect. Positive energy allows us to process information more accurately which leads

What is executive and leader well-being? 15 February 2017

Leaders are the catalysts that transform vision into action and this is why they fulfil a critical role in driving organisational success as well as ensuring team members’ well-being. It’s a role that is tricky and complicated because the leadership

My 2016 inspirational books 8 February 2017

  I am an avid reader and a firm believer in the power of personal development. Reading expands my mind by creating new thoughts, perspectives and ideas. I always give my clients a gentle nudge to read a certain book

Unpacking the term “engagement” 6 February 2017

  Over the past few years the buzzword in organisational language has been “engagement”. Global statistics have shown that an average of 18% of employees are engaged with 65% of them not engaged and 25% actively disengaged. The figures for

Creating a STAR Culture 18 January 2017

It is no secret that lack of employee engagement is one of the biggest drains of resources for businesses. Apathy, exhaustion and lack of commitment are poison to a company. In order to combat these viral emotions leaders must develop