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Are wellness days really that effective? 9 December 2016

We are seeing more and more evidence that the standard annual corporate wellness days are not doing much to effectively impact and change employee well-being, much to the chagrin of Human Resource departments. Don’t get me wrong, they are good at creating awareness around health

Gratitude: What it is and what it isn’t 1 December 2016

  Society holds gratitude in high esteem. Everyone wants to be more grateful which is a desirable human characteristic, however few actually are. Gratitude is about acknowledging that we have received something from someone else that we value and appreciate.

Higher aspirations and the pursuit of happiness 24 November 2016

By: Guest Author 1 Comment HR ESSENTIALS

  ‘Higher aspirations’ in common modern-day language most probably will be understood as climbing the ladder to higher levels of personal achievement, be it in sport, business, politics, education, professional life, or any other sphere of human endeavour. And achievement

Six steps to sustaining change 23 November 2016

Most change doesn’t endure for long periods; rather for brief moments. We have all experimented with changing some aspect in our life. We had to increase this or decrease that, do more of that and less of this. We might

From Millennial Talent to Loyal Leaders 22 November 2016

In the ever-changing corporate playgrounds, one of the biggest costs to organisations is employee turnover. The process of on boarding and bringing new employees up to speed is resource intensive and, not to mention, a stressful experience for all parties.

How to retain top talent 22 November 2016

  When companies have a star performer in their team, they have struck gold! Top talent is a rare commodity, which means that must either be head-hunted or businesses should do all they can to retain top talent. People aren’t staying

What is your goal orientation? 16 November 2016

Goals are our psychological oxygen. They provide us with focus, direction and momentum. Take goals away from a person and they will soon feel that their life has no meaning, no purpose, and a sense of unworthiness will creep in