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Are you an over-thinker? 9 November 2016

We often over-think things so that we can gain insight into a problem and hopefully find a solution. But we seldom find that solution! Instead, our thoughts go around in circles and we get stuck in our thinking. It drains

Why we are uncomfortable being happy? 26 October 2016

Every day we receive encouraging quotes via social media that promote positive thinking, perseverance, and ways to look at life from the bright side. Do you ever wonder where this trend started? Have you ever considered whether it adds any

What is this term “flow”? 19 October 2016

Johannesburg based Business Consultants, 4 Seeds unpacks what it means to have “flow”  When last did you engage in an activity where you lost track of time? You get so engrossed in the activity that you did not notice time passing;

Questions unlock solutions 7 October 2016

Often team coaches are called into companies to help fix a lack of communication problem. This is usually where team members are communicating past each other instead of with each other. In some companies, departments operate in silos and only