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The ‘P’ stance for leaders in meetings 10 September 2015

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‘P’ stands for ‘Pause’: This was inspired by attending too many boring and energy-sapping meetings, and recognizing how much time (and money!) could be saved by making meetings not only shorter and sharper, but more productive and inspiring. We refer

Coaches share their coaching experience 10 September 2015

Coaching can play an important role in actualising South Africa’s future prospects through its ability to empower and build leaders who can unleash their own potential and thereby effect positive change and empowerment in society. The huge growth experienced by

Engage your workforce 9 September 2015

Imagine an energized, engaged workforce!  How do we get them to participate more… This could be your team, department or workforce by applying simple, yet effective tools on a daily basis. What is employee engagement? An engaged employee is fully

Field work graduates lead the way 19 August 2015

Field work graduates lead the way: Unemployment rates in South Africa averaged 25.25% from 2000 until 2014 according to Statistics SA. With the employment market remaining competitive, graduates continue to need skills that set them apart from their fellow graduates.

TCC’s Ubuntu Coaching Foundation 15 July 2015

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TCC’s Ubuntu Coaching Foundation: A TCC CSI Initiative: This foundation has been set up to enable TCC and its coaches to bring our coaching offerings to further support those to whom coaching is not available. We wish to partner with

South Africa’s Top Coaching Challenges 15 July 2015

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South Africa’s Top Coaching Challenges: It is my perspective that the top Three Challenges facing South Africa today; on a level where one-on-one involvement can make a difference, are: Poverty Unemployment Lack of Education Lack of education and lack of