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SA Businesses Have a Challenge Ahead of Them – Creating an Ethical Business Culture 26 June 2019

By: Maurice Kerrigan Africa HR ESSENTIALS

Recently, the results of the South African Business Ethics Survey for 2019 were released by The Ethics Institute (TEI) at an event at the Stellenbosch University Business School, and it certainly didn’t pull any punches. Revelations indicated a sentiment that many cynics would agree with – that the slick marketing of the business world often hides organisational cultures lacking in ethics, honesty and integrity. With the report finding that unethical behaviour (often witnessed directly by non-managerial employees) has increased to 31% from 18% in 2009, the report doesn’t portray a rosy picture of the SA business sector.

What Makes a Great Learning Game? 21 June 2019

By: Signify Software HR ESSENTIALS

Can we expect games to improve learning effectiveness when we approach it like instant noodles? Instead of just adding water, we “just add a leaderboard”. Not quite. Like most things in life, creating a great learning game requires thorough planning.

Running on Empty 15 May 2019

By: Maurice Kerrigan Africa HR ESSENTIALS

When you have a manager who repeatedly flies off the handle, screaming, swearing and slamming doors, all is not well. Employees are likely to feel petrified and literally paralysed when faced with these daily tirades.

Knowledge is Power – But it’s How You Put it to Work that Really Matters 8 February 2019

By: Maurice Kerrigan Africa HR ESSENTIALS

We’ve all heard it before: “Knowledge is power”. It’s the driving force behind all levels of education, from learning our ABCs as toddlers to the emphasis on continued learning and upskilling in the workplace. Learning is a natural part of who we are, and never accepting the limitations of our knowledge is the single most important factor in the success of humans as a species.

Listening to the Voice of the Heart and Mind 14 December 2018

By: Maurice Kerrigan Africa HR ESSENTIALS

Think of a situation where you had bulletproof facts, reason, and logic on your side, and believed there was absolutely no way the other person could say no to your perfectly constructed argument and proposal To do so would be

The Effectiveness of Gamification in e-Learning 7 November 2018

By: Signify Software HR ESSENTIALS

People played games before the Pharaohs In this article, we explore the history of playing, the role of games in modern times, and the effectiveness of gamification in e-learning. It is firstly important to establish whether game playing has any

Insights: Proposed Changes to Amended B-BBEE Codes 24 May 2018


Public Comment and Industry Viewpoints on Proposed Changes to Amended B-BBEE Codes On 29 March 2018, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) published several changes to the amended B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice. If these changes are implemented in

The Art of Integrity Management Solutions 9 May 2018

By: PISA Integrity Assessment Centre HR ESSENTIALS

  Powerful integrity management solutions are adaptable It takes many strokes to create a beautiful painting. It takes a lot of musicians to play a symphony. It takes a lot of words to write a poem. Most important, however, it

100% Return on Investment with this Strengths Course 20 April 2018

By: Emergence Growth HR ESSENTIALS

  Want to know how to get your Gallup Strengths Certification basically for free? What if I tell you there’s a way for you to get more than 100% ROI, available immediately, on your Gallup Strengths Certification course (ASC), without