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100% Return on Investment with this Strengths Course 20 April 2018

By: Emergence Growth HR ESSENTIALS

  Want to know how to get your Gallup Strengths Certification basically for free? What if I tell you there’s a way for you to get more than 100% ROI, available immediately, on your Gallup Strengths Certification course (ASC), without

New book explores mine safety at the frontlines 7 February 2018

By: Artisan Training Institute HR ESSENTIALS

  As of 18 December 2017, 86 South African mineworkers, most of them breadwinners, died in the line of duty in 2017, up by 13 fatalities recorded by the industry in 2016. A new book, authored by Dr Sizwe Phakathi,

Can project and change management get along? 8 September 2017

By: and Change HR ESSENTIALS

  Change needs to be managed on a technical and employee level When any organisation introduces a change within a specific project or initiative, the change needs to be managed effectively on both the technical side as well as the

Communication is key when building an effective team 5 September 2017

By: Corporate LAN Advertising HR ESSENTIALS

  An organisation’s internal communication strategy is key when building employee teams. “Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.” – Richard Branson An organisation is

The age of intelligent data analytics 20 July 2017


Find out how you can use your data-analysis to benefit you Starting a conversation about business will inherently bring up topics about analytics, big data and, of course, business intelligence. Data has become one of the most important concepts in

Worklife Balance 3 July 2017

By: Catherine Wijnberg - Director of Fetola HR ESSENTIALS

  When your staff are all at work during working hours are they actually productive and effective? Harvard Business Review research shows that “presenteeism” can cut individual productivity by one-third or more. This constitutes the problem of workers’ showing up

Vital Conversations Unify a Team 3 July 2017

By: Catherine Wijnberg - Director of Fetola HR ESSENTIALS

Right now, business owners have a terrific opportunity to initiate vibrant and vital conversations with their staff. Listening to employees and engaging deliberately with issues that threaten them creates an environment for growth and positivity. This conscious action makes a difference in

Why Should We Care About UX (User Experience)? 9 June 2017

By: Educos ado EOH Abantu Pty Ltd HR ESSENTIALS

  If the goal of HR technology is to help management to make better decisions, to increase employee and manager engagement through immersive and intuitive methods, a top-class UX (user experience) is essential. User experience, or UX, is often confused