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Retaining Talent in Tough Times 24 August 2016

Retaining talent tends to take a back seat to more pressing business activities, but as we know, we need to be prepared for times of financial growth.  This is when executives tend to seek out new opportunities leaving their companies vulnerable.

Building a Board for the Long Term 24 August 2016

The importance of building a Board with the long term in mind cannot be overestimated. So often short-term thinking dominates corporate decision making, especially in the listed sector where quarterly earning pressures dominate. These expectations distract from long term strategic

Critical success factors for HR audits 2 July 2016

By: SA Board For People Practices - SABPP Leave your thoughts HR ESSENTIALS

Auditing is not a fad and can be traced back for centuries. The term “audit” comes from the Latin word “audire” (to listen), hence an auditor’s role is to listen to the records. The modern form of auditing can be

Common Interview Mistakes 26 May 2016

Ever get the feeling that you’re not sure what questions to ask in an interview? What about the feeling that you dislike the candidate but you’re not sure why? These are common interview mistakes many recruiters do? Next time you