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The Importance of Being Computer Literate in the Workforce 30 August 2018

By: Nceduluntu Academy of Learning HR ESSENTIALS

  Equip yourself with knowledge for the digital age The modern business world relies greatly on computerised technology to professionally complete vast amounts of tasks. We can’t afford to be technophobes anymore. It is time to embrace the technological revolution

Company Culture – Myth or Magic? 16 August 2018

By: Educos ado EOH Abantu Pty Ltd HR ESSENTIALS

If you want to start a debate, talk about company culture While there seems to be agreement that it exists and plays a critical role in shaping behaviour in companies, there is little consensus on what it actually is, never

Importance of an Accurate IRP5 During Individual Tax Filing Season 16 August 2018

By: Educos ado EOH Abantu Pty Ltd HR ESSENTIALS

It’s also the Employer’s responsibility to submit accurate IRP5’s to SARS The SARS Filing Season for Individuals is in full swing. Please note the Employer’s responsibility in submitting accurate IRP5’s to SARS. It is the Employer’s responsibility to ensure that they

Strategic Training Partnership 13 April 2018

By: Foster-Melliar HR ESSENTIALS

  Quintica and iSolve Learning Solutions incorporating Foster-Melliar, announce a strategic training partnership Quintica SA and iSolve Learning Solutions, incorporating Foster-Melliar, have concluded a strategic partnership to accelerate their core products and solutions to the South African market. The joint

5 Ways to Run a Better Workshop 9 June 2017

By: Foster-Melliar HR ESSENTIALS

  As professionals, we all know the tactics to running a good workshop   From the bare basics such as being logistically prepared, all the way down to the detail that experience has taught us, such as goal setting, having

The Advantages of DevOps Training 6 June 2017

By: Foster-Melliar HR ESSENTIALS

    Enterprise applications/solutions are complex and diverse in nature, composed of multiple technologies, databases, end-user devices, etc. For this type of delivery, a DevOps approach may be the most successful when dealing with these complexities. DevOps is not a

Why should we care about UX? 26 April 2017

By: Educos ado EOH Abantu Pty Ltd Leave your thoughts HR ESSENTIALS

  If the goal of HR technology is to help management to make better decisions, to increase employee and manager engagement through immersive and intuitive methods, a top-class user experience is essential. User experience, or UX, is often confused with

Enabling your workforce to work anywhere 14 March 2017

By: Commerce Quest South Africa CORPORATE ESSENTIALS

Need a truly mobile suite of applications to enable your workforce?  The promise of being able to work from anywhere has often been spoken about, but many solutions are a patchwork of different products that don’t really work together and