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Running on Empty 15 May 2019

By: Maurice Kerrigan Africa HR ESSENTIALS

When you have a manager who repeatedly flies off the handle, screaming, swearing and slamming doors, all is not well. Employees are likely to feel petrified and literally paralysed when faced with these daily tirades.

Grappling with Digital Transformation? You’re not Alone 28 March 2019

By: Red and Yellow Creative School of Business HR ESSENTIALS

“Digital Transformation” is a daunting and often poorly-understood challenge for more established organisations. Many companies have, over the years, built up an intricate legacy of infrastructures based on now-antiquated (or sometimes very limited) technology.

Rumble in the BI Jungle 25 March 2019

By: Alicornio Africa HR ESSENTIALS

From the previous article Bungle in the Jungle (Part 1): Well executed Business Intelligent programs calls for agility in the BI jungle. Unwieldy swinging in the BI-jungle leads to a serious Rumble in the BI jungle.