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Can you afford not to train your employees? 20 February 2015

As a result of the current economic challenges facing not only South Africa, but the world, employers have been focussing on dramatically reducing expenses and streamlining their businesses. One of the ‘victims’ of this approach has undoubtedly been employee training.

Coaching: Management supernova 20 February 2015

By: Karolyne Williams Leave your thoughts HR ESSENTIALS

By Karolyne Williams Head of Coaching South African College of Applied Psychology (SACAP) Coaching plays an important role in developing South Africa’s future prospects through its ability to empower and build leaders who can unleash their own potential and thereby

PMI ensures return on investment on training spend 20 February 2015

PMI, a leading provider of human capital development solutions, ensures that the strategic training initiatives that we partner on and implement, deliver measurable returns on training investment, saving time, improving organisational efficiencies and performance of individuals. As a committed business