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Focusing on Skills Development 24 November 2014

By: Kezla Investments Leave your thoughts HR ESSENTIALS

Skills Development is one of the many incentives that government gives to corporate South Africa to encourage staff recruitment and retention. These activities are located in Human Resources and when used wisely, can be of serious benefit to the company

Internal Auditing: Effective Business Approach 24 November 2014

By: Michael van der Westhuizen Leave your thoughts HR ESSENTIALS

Audit Overview The objectives of Internal Controls implemented by management are to ensure the: Effectiveness and efficiency of operations; Reliability of financial reporting; Compliance with applicable laws, regulations and contracts and the Safekeeping of assets. Internal Audit assists management to

Business Coaching: A Winning Game Plan 24 November 2014

By: Aimee Crewe-Brown Leave your thoughts HR ESSENTIALS

Professional athletes have them, politicians have them, the best businesses in the world have them. Working with a business coach will fast track your journey into creating more time, income and a better performing business. ActionCOACH Business & Executive Coach,

Employees move on, so plan ahead! 24 November 2014

By: Abram Molelemane Leave your thoughts HR ESSENTIALS

One of the important tips for any business is to plan ahead and to prepare for the worst. Often a lot of businesses find themselves bewildered when they are suddenly hit with unexpected challenges. Chief amongst these is losing an

Emotional intelligence is key for top performance 24 November 2014

“The 21st-century workplace is extremely complex. It is also, culturally, and generationally diverse and ever-changing. Negotiating one’s way successfully through the workplace requires a great deal of skill. Success is premised on being socially adept and emotionally intelligent,” says Fasset