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Creating The Learning Container 25 November 2014

Imagine: You have just arrived, a little late, after a long commute, to attend a ‘workshop’ (which you have been sent on) and find yourself in a ‘training room’ reminiscent of your classroom days – except there were more windows

EQ In The Workplace 25 November 2014

By: Sharon Jansen 1 Comment HR ESSENTIALS

Sharon Jansen, Executive Coach and Educator at the SACAP Graduate School of Coaching & Leadership in Johannesburg, shares her thoughts on “EQ in the Workplace” I have been working with change for the last 15 years. Corporate change, personal change

Emotional Intelligence in Leadership 24 November 2014

By: Niel Rall 8 Comments HR ESSENTIALS

INTRODUCTION Emotional intelligence enables leaders to engage meaningfully with people to help them achieve desired results. In order to engage effectively, a leader has to create an openness value system and use effective engagement behaviours. In this article, the structure

Focusing on Skills Development 24 November 2014

By: Kezla Investments Leave your thoughts HR ESSENTIALS

Skills Development is one of the many incentives that government gives to corporate South Africa to encourage staff recruitment and retention. These activities are located in Human Resources and when used wisely, can be of serious benefit to the company