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The third position of the team relationship 5 September 2017

By: Insights Affiliate Africa HR ESSENTIALS

  What do The Beatles, an orchestra, a spider’s web and a team have in common? An identity that exists beyond the individual components and has the power to create, hold, destroy and change according to its own trajectory and

Critical Thinking 31 August 2017

By: Insights Affiliate Africa HR ESSENTIALS

  Insights Affiliate Africa aims to build personal effectiveness and ideal working environments by means of critical thinking. “I have never come across an organisation that would choose to settle for mediocre ideas and demotivated workers.” – Nancy Klein Yet,

Learning That Sticks – The Real ROI on Training Spend 12 June 2017

By: NeuroLeadership South Africa HR ESSENTIALS

  Get Insights into the Science of Learning “Companies spend enormous amounts of money on employee training and education – close to $356 billion globally in 2015 alone – but they are not getting a good return on their investment.

Mobile Innovation Cuts the Cost of Workplace Training 12 June 2017


  Traditionally, workplace training has taken the form of group learning in a classroom environment. In this scenario, employees are led through the training by a facilitator, and printed material is given to the learners to refer to and study

5 Ways to Run a Better Workshop 9 June 2017

By: Foster-Melliar HR ESSENTIALS

  As professionals, we all know the tactics to running a good workshop   From the bare basics such as being logistically prepared, all the way down to the detail that experience has taught us, such as goal setting, having

Social Media for Radio 2 May 2017


With internet usage and smart phone penetration growing rapidly in Africa, traditional media owners cannot afford to ignore their presence in the online space. South Africans have over 35 million profiles on various social media platforms. If you do not

Hybrid learning for Generation Z 25 April 2017

By: Guest Author HR ESSENTIALS

Today, we turn to the internet for everything. We play games, interact with friends, family and colleagues, and conduct business online. Why would learning be any different? The learning space is changing, moving from purely classroom-based instruction to incorporating e-learning