Abundant Media


About Abundant Media

Executives sitting around a boardroom table in Sandton, have two considerable marketing problems. Firstly, decision managers generally, do not understand the mass market in South Africa, including important topics like culture, tradition, township economies, language nuances and the consumer behaviour driven by these factors. Secondly, those who are perceptive to the market, don’t know how to access it commercially. Abundant Media has a proven track record of resolving both of these needs.

We are a multi-layered, innovative one-stop solution to access 8.3 million people in South Africa through over 200 community radio stations.

Established in 1999, we are proud to be a Level 1 BEE contributor.


We are the leading media sales house for advertisers to access and understand this lucrative mass market.

Our basket of services includes:

The Media Connection – the largest community radio marketing, advertising and administration specialists in South Africa.

The Brand Connection – connecting radio campaigns with activations as well as a state of the art fleet of mobile studios can facilitate satellite broadcast access to well over 100 stations simultaneously. We build and equip studios as well as Outside Broadcast vehicles.

The TMC Academy – a strategic business unit that offers training services to the radio sector of South Africa satisfying a tremendous need for skills development within the industry.