About Armscor

Armscor is an acquisition agency for the South African Department of Defence and our mandate is to efficiently and effectively provide our Armed Forces with the state of the art defence matériel to conduct safety, security and peacekeeping missions in maintaining the sovereignty of our country and Africa at large. Armscor’s experience in the acquisition is spread over six decades, its technology know-how ranges from technology development, development, enhancement, sustainment, as well as disposal of products.

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT (R&D) function ensures that the strategic capabilities and facilities under its control continue to grow in accordance with the mandate and corporate goals of Armscor. This includes defence operational and scientific research, test and evaluation services and technology management, analysis, and innovation management services

  • Ergonomics Technologies (Ergotech) provides military ergonomics research, design, specification of human-machine interfaces and ergonomics evaluation and testing services.
  • Ergonomics solutions to optimise human performance, reduce work-related risks, and improve overall productivity.
  • ERGOnomics TECHnologies (ERGOTECH) is a leading ergonomics consultancy and has provided a comprehensive and efficient service in ergonomics and occupational health and safety, both locally and internationally, for more than two decades. ERGOTECH functions as a team of interdisciplinary qualified specialists with vast experience in applied ergonomics for military and commercial clients. People are the most vital component in any operation and therefore ERGOTECH aims to provide ergonomics solutions to optimize human performance, reduce work-related risks, and improve overall productivity.
  • The services provided by ERGOTECH are: divided into three interlinked domains,
    • Research and Databases
    • Design and Specification
    • Test and evaluation
    • These services primarily include military ergonomics research in the areas of anthropometry, biomechanics, human physiology, cognitive ergonomics, and human functional performance; design and specification of human-machine systems; and test and evaluation of environmental stressors, human-machine systems, and specialised health and safety issues.

Other related services provided are:

  • Hazmat Protective Systems manufactures and markets respirator filtering devices for commercial and military (governmental) applications for protection against the majority of respiratory health hazards.
  • Protechnik specialises in chemical and biological defence research for the protection of personnel in a hazardous environment, the evaluation of materials for the procurement of protection equipment, the detection of trace amounts of hazardous chemicals, as well as quality control and assurance support for chemical defensive products.

Contact Details

Cnr. Delmas Drive & Nossob Street, Erasmuskloof Ext. 4, Pretoria, 0001

Tel.: +27 (0)12 428 1911



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