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About Avansa Business Technologies

Avansa Business Technologies is the industry leading manufacturer and marketer of cash handling equipment at affordable prices in Southern Africa. We provide retail technology such as note counters, coin counters, scales and counterfeit money detectors.




Money Counting Machines
Avansa’s money counting machines, which include note counters and coin counters, are specifically designed for Southern African currencies. Banks, Supermarkets and any other businesses that deal with cash throughout Southern Africa stand to benefit from the speed and accuracy all our money counting machines offer.

Counterfeit Note Detection
Whether your business has taken a loss from a counterfeit note or you are taking preventative steps to detect counterfeits before they hit your cash tills, Avansa has the solution for you. Avansa’s easy-to-use counterfeit note detectors and note counters, offer built-in counterfeit detection thereby stopping counterfeits on the spot.

All of our products come with an industry leading 1 YEAR SWOP OUT WARRANTY and all deliveries are FREE within South Africa.

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