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The history of Belgotex Floors dates back to 1983, when founding chairman Stephan Colle established a progressive yarn manufacturing plant – Natal Nylon Industries – producing the latest hi-tech nylon yarn. In 1984, the operation extended into a vertically integrated carpet manufacturing plant called Belgotex Carpets.

Belgotex Floors have since diversified into alternative flooring solutions through the provision of vinyl and artificial grass, which has provided opportunities for further growth and profitability.

The company manufactures and supplies flooring solutions from its 100 000 square metre factory in Pietermaritzburg, Kwa-Zulu Natal.

From humble beginnings as Natal Nylon Industries to a member of the multinational Belgotex International Group with 7 companies across 4 continents, Belgotex Floors have developed into the leading soft flooring manufacturer in Africa.

A culture of innovation and appetite for excellence and advancement have become the hallmark of the Belgotex brand today.

“Innovation is part of our DNA, we keep abreast with international trends and developments, constantly exploring new production processes and developing new product ranges. The aim is to be the first to offer the latest technology and fashion without compromising the environment,” says Frank Moffat, Chief Executive Officer.

Read more about Belgotex’s custom industrial Green Star Rating.

 Visit our website to view our new Duraturf grass range.

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Tel: +27 (0)33 897 7500 (Head Office)
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