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About Berea Computers

Berea Computers was established in 2010 whose product offerings are, IT support, networking and Security.

As the world is transforming digitally and more businesses are moving to cloud, Berea Computers has positioned itself to provide security and risk management services for businesses.

We provide solutions such as Identity Manager, Access and Data Security. Berea computers have partnered with vendors such as Micro Focus and Cisco Systems, to provide our clients with the latest, most relevant solutions.

We are now poised to offer solutions to government departments and enterprise clients, as we have continued to enhance our skills and knowledge to service various client bases and provide value add.

Many business and private individuals are at risk due to lack of knowledge and the rise of cyber-attacks. Berea Computers will be doing awareness campaigns to educate its clients about security risks, threats, risk management and solutions.

As from 2019, we will be taking unemployed youth IT graduates and upskill them with security technical skills and certification. Since our inception, we have been empowering students or young people with IT skills, mentorship and real-world BEEexperience, many of whom have gone on to be gainfully employed, as a result of our training.

We see Berea computers growing in the security space over the years and expanding its reach throughout KZN and beyond.



Berea Computers aims to provide secure online and offline protection against malware and viruses as many of our clients are vulnerable to cyber attacks or infected, as they reliant heavily on Internet usage.


We consult with our clients to assist and advise them in making informed decisions in implementing suitable best IT business solutions.


We provide LAN/WAN Network infrastructure design, cabling (copper and fiber optic) wireless, Cisco network solutions, Microsoft Server software configuration and maintenance.


Our outsourced services support service is provided by our dedicated team to ensure service availability to our clients. We provide telephonic, on and offsite support, even remote support at reasonable rates.

Contact Details

5th Floor SmartXchange Building, 5 Walnut Road, Durban 4001

Tel: +27 (0)31 307 1988 | +27 (0)67 004 9885




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