About Bigen

Established in South Africa 50 years ago, the Bigen Group is one of Africa’s leading infrastructure development solutions companies with solutions delivered through its bespoke development advisory & impact, financial, technical, environmental, and institutional services that improve the quality of life, bring about social change, local economic development and create and share wealth for all its stakeholders.

Our business partnerships in many African countries have extensively benefitted all the stakeholders at multiple levels.

The development impact of our infrastructure and engineering projects can be heard in the song of African women drawing water from a tap, from the laughter of successful entrepreneurs, and the rush of traffic along the roads that connects economies and cities. We see it in the smiles of faces of men, women and young people who return home from gainful employment on our projects. We see it on dark nights when energy generation lights up towns, cities and homes and we hear it in the gush of water that brings life and wellness to communities. This is the sounds and sights of the impact Bigen has on the continent and this is how we grow Africa to realise its full potential. In the past year alone, our projects have provided housing and related infrastructure to more than 50 000 families, access to basic health care for 1.2 million people, potable water to 1,5 million people, transport infrastructure to 30 communities, electricity to over 300 000 people and created jobs for more than 40 000 people.

Services we offer

Bigen responds to Africa’s unique social and economic development needs with a blend of financial, technical, environmental, institutional and development advisory & impact services across the real estate, energy, water, health, agriculture, and transportation sectors. Actualising development impact is at the heart of our infrastructure solutions and encapsulated in our human-centric approach to meeting Africa-specific infrastructure needs with a legacy for all our clients.

Financial services:
We provide bespoke infrastructure project finance and development finance solutions to clients and partners in the sectors that we serve. Bigen also invests in certain of our infrastructure projects through project preparation equity and, in some instances, minority project implementation equity. We focus on medium to large scale infrastructure projects that have a significant development impact, still offering a fair return to investors. Our preferred sectors are Real Estate – Residential, Water, Renewable Energy, Transport, Health and Agriculture.

Technical services:
Bigen’s Technical Services provides bespoke engineering and advisory services which cover the entire infrastructure development value chain – from feasibility studies, development funding, structuring, and arranging to project preparation, management, and implementation.

Environmental services:
As a passionate socio-economic activist and environmental champion, Bigen heeds environmental, social, occupational health and safety considerations in the delivery of sustainable infrastructure solutions.

Development advisory and impact:
We recognise that sustainable development in Africa can only be achieved through localised and inclusive approaches, and we have aligned our business efforts to address inequality, unemployment, and poverty.

Institutional services:
Sustainable infrastructure development and delivery of the relevant services are, to a large extent, dependent on the institutional capacity of public and private sector stakeholders. To meet this requirement, Bigen draws from a multidisciplinary resource comprising both its internal capabilities and those of strategic partners in the donor funding and development finance institutions (DFI) environment.