About Bigen

Bigen is an African company invested in the future of Africa. Operating from seven local branch offices in South Africa, and from six regional offices in Botswana, Kenya, Ghana, Mauritius, Namibia and Tanzania, the Group drives socioeconomic development through the provision of innovative, solutions-focused infrastructure in the agriculture, water, real estate, transportation, energy and health sectors across Africa.

“Frankly, what we do boils down to “doing good while doing business” says Bigen CEO, Dr Snowy Khoza. “ Wherever we build a railroad, a dam, a town or human settlement, a hospital or a port across Africa, we follow a strong policy of indigenisation and localisation, with a main focus on job creation, poverty alleviation, skills development and empowerment” Dr Khoza says.

“We have seen how our business partnerships in many African countries have extensively benefitted all the stakeholders at multiple levels. The development impact of our infrastructure and engineering projects can be heard in the song of African women drawing water from a tap, from the laughter of successful entrepreneurs, and the rush of traffic along the roads that connects economies and cities. We see it in the smiles on faces of men, women and young people who return home from gainful employment on our projects. We see it on dark nights when energy generation lights up towns and homes and hear it in the gush of water that brings life and wellness to communities.

This is the sounds and sights of the impact Bigen has on the continent and this is how we help Africa grow and realise its full potential.”

Bigen understands that in this intensely competitive era of socio-economic and infrastructure development transformation, public and private enterprises alike need to partner with experienced and reliable service providers such as Bigen, who can offer synergistic benefits, joint value creation and practical solutions to address the continent’s economic challenges and support the achievement of its sustainable development goals by 2030.

Recognition and Awards

Bigen’s team of professionals has more than 200 years of combined knowledge and experience in creating development impact in the built environment. Over the years our efficient+ track record has been recognised with more than 50 prestigious industry awards which validate our good standing in the industry.

Contact Details

Bigen Africa Group Holdings – Pretoria, South Africa

Allan Cormack Street, The Innovation Hub, Pretoria, 0087

Tel.: +27 (0)12 842 8700



Bigen Global – Ebene, Mauritius

Tel.: +230 (0)403 6000