Bonitas Medical Fund


About Bonitas Medical Fund

Bonitas Medical Fund aims to make quality healthcare more affordable and accessible. It offers a wide range of plans to suit the needs of South Africans from all walks of life.

Established in 1982, Bonitas Medical Fund is known as the medical scheme that puts its members first. This can be seen on all levels, from the simple, easy-to-use design of our products to our servicing channels and platforms.

We offer a broad range of plans to meet the specific healthcare of people from all walks of life. This includes traditional medical aid plans, savings plans, hospital plans and income-based options. Each plan is designed with simplicity in mind, allowing members to make the most of their benefits and derive maximum value for money.

The healthcare industry is a complex one, plagued by a number of challenges, including escalating costs. To ensure sustainability, we continually look for ways to make limit healthcare costs and ensure quality of care. Over the past few years we have introduced several innovative solutions. This includes:

  • Managed care programmes, to assist members in proactively managing severe chronic conditions such as diabetes and HIV/AIDS
  • Advanced fraud detection software, to detect fraudulent activity and protect our members from its financial implications
  • Robust negotiations with healthcare providers, to ensure our members get the best possible rates and service of the highest standard.

Part of what makes Bonitas different is that our core focus is on our member. We don’t focus on luring members in with the promise of freebies– our benefits offer real value, quality cover and care.

Our financial indicators are well above the industry-average, so we can afford to pay our members claims. With over 750 000 beneficiaries, we have the size and financial stability to strengthen our position as one of the leading medical aids in South Africa.

Our members know that when things get tough, we’re there to handle the little details so that they can receive the best of care and focus on getting better.

Bonitas CSI and Sponsorships:

We have a number of sponsorship initiatives that benefit not just our community of members but the community at large. The thread that runs through all of them, big or small is that we are always promoting health and wellness and making healthcare accessible to more people. This includes improving the skills of your healthcare professionals so they give you the best, cutting edge level of care and sharing information and tips around chronic conditions and other health concerns that are prevalent in South Africa.

Bonitas House Call
In the past, doctors used to visit patients at their homes when they were sick – these visits were called House Calls. Although this rarely happens these days, we are bringing leading health experts in a wide variety of topics into your home through the Bonitas House Call television show. This A-team of practitioners offers medical advice, tips and easy-to-understand information on medical issues affecting South Africans.

Comrades Marathon
In line with promoting health and wellness, we have been a major sponsor of the Comrades Marathon for the past decade. As a proudly South African company that promotes accessible quality healthcare, this ultra-marathon is an ideal fit for us to talk about making good wellness choices every day and celebrate ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

Just In Case
Every year, over 8000 children die in South Africa due to accidents which could have been prevented. To help put safety first, we launched Just In Case, an initiative designed to take safety to 43 000 learners at 67 schools across SA.

The Bonitas Academy
We know that your family doctor is and should be your first port-of-call. This is why we offer seminars to groups of family practitioners across the country. Leading medical experts give insight into the latest procedural developments and treatment guidelines so that family practitioners are equipped to perform certain procedures in their rooms instead of referring patients to specialists and hospitals.