Cape Waste


About Cape Waste

Cape Waste is one of the leading independent recyclers in the country. Serving clients for over 30 years, the company is dedicated to improving efficiencies, lowering costs, and passing on maximum value from recyclable materials and thereby saving clients money.

The main company in the Wyko Group, Cape Waste delivers a world-class service to clients. Operating from branches in Paarl and Parow, Cape Waste collects various materials for recycling from a range of businesses and organisations, including printers, manufacturers, office blocks, office parks and shopping centres.

We evaluate your waste stream and offer on-site waste management services. We collect, sort and bulk-bale your materials to be then converted into new products again, while mitigating your carbon footprint.

Our aim is to make the removal and recycling of plastic, cardboard, newspaper, magazines as user-friendly and streamlined as possible. We are also constantly investigating new ways to foster a recycling culture among clients, their employees, and the country as a whole.

Cape Waste is committed to conserving natural resources, reducing litter and creating employment and is a proud member of the Institute of Waste Management South Africa (IWMSA) and the Paper Recycling Association of South Africa (PRASA).

Environmental Sustainability

By taking a leading role in the recycling sector, Cape Waste is facilitating the development of the green economy while turning the tide on littering, environmental degradation, unemployment, and the unwise use of scarce resources.

Through efficient collection, transport and processing of recyclable waste material, Cape Waste is reducing the amount of natural resources consumed in production, and extending the amount of valuable landfill space required for final disposal of non-recyclable materials.

CSR Involvement

Since 2014, Cape Waste has been involved with the Mitchell’s Plain Primary School recycling programme in conjunction with major sponsors Metropolitan Life. This school of over 1000 pupils is earning funds monthly from learners and their families’ household recyclable materials as well as from the school’s own materials of paper and cardboard. Proceeds are going to purchase benches made out of recycled plastic, for the school grounds.