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We live in a world where the quality of our response to ‘change’ will be the main driver of business success.

But what does this mean for leadership in organizations? Leaders need to create a true and authentic followership, with strategic organizational goals to be successful.

The Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) believes effective leadership starts with individuals but only truly succeeds when it filters through the business and to society. To achieve this, we help individuals transform their interpersonal skills and better lead others. We help teams drive organizational success and sustained performance and we help communities thrive, enable lives, and advance futures.

When a leaders’ vision forms a deep sense of cultural and shared ambition, financial, values-based and reputational goals are realized to deliver results that matter. By conducting deep impact analysis, we know our approach works. Not only do 97% of clients say our unique approach prepares them for future leadership challenges, our teaching ensures learning is taken directly to their day-to-day jobs, guaranteeing that the impact of a CCL leadership program is truly felt. For example, at Mars, a sustainable leadership pipeline to support their growth needed to be developed. By creating the Mars University, we increased their leadership readiness for top roles by 20% and enabled graduates to be promoted at twice the rate of their peers.

It’s due to these kinds of programs and initiatives that we are rated as top-class by leading ranking organizations. CCL ranks 10th overall in the Financial Times’ Worldwide Executive Education rankings, our 17th successive top 10 ranking. We also achieved our 9th straight Top 20 ranking in’s Global Leadership Training list. With 96% of learners saying our programs are directly relevant to the leadership challenges they face and many of our client academies being peer-recognized as being a ‘model partnership’ CCL was awarded The Association of Learning Providers’ ISA 2017 Business of the Year.

Given strong, committed and ultimately sure-footed leadership is crucial to ongoing business success, organisations have no room for complacency. Get leadership development wrong and it is costly. Get it right and individuals, teams, organizations and society will be able to thrive.

To find out how CCL can help you overcome your leadership challenges, please contact us using the information below.

The Center for Creative Leadership (CCL®) is a top-ranked, global provider of leadership solutions. By leveraging the power of leadership to drive results that matter most to clients, CCL transforms individual leaders, teams, organizations, and society. Our array of cutting-edge solutions is steeped in extensive research and experience gained from working with hundreds of thousands of leaders at all levels.

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